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4 Apps to Automate Your WAHM Business

Hey Besties!

As you can tell from the greeting I am away today and have left this Thursday Video to Renae from Rich Mom.   She makes the most awesome videos and has challenged herself to make one vlog or blog post a day for a year! (I know, she is a little crazy. Which also makes her fun!) You can find her videos at Renae Christine’s YouTube Channel.

Definitely click the links above because Renae is a successful WAHM. She has the most amazing free advice for Mompreneurs.  She also has a great WAHM forum there!

On to you, Renae…

Links mentioned in the video:

Twitter Feed

Google Alerts

Tweet Beep

Get Your AM



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Allie owns and writes Ramblings of a WAHM. She has blogged and been online working her way up since 2010. She loves to help WAHMs find balance between work and family.  Thanks for reading! Check out her awesome Resource Page! Sign up for updates and WAHM Newsletter.

8 Responses to 4 Apps to Automate Your WAHM Business

  1. Allie says:


    You are awesome! Thanks for the tips! I had never heard of Tweet Beep so
    I went over there right away and set up alerts for my name, my blog’s name and a few of my keywords. That tool is awesome!! (Can you use “awesome” too much?)

    Thanks again for guest posting!

    Allie created this awesome post: 7 Posts Bloggers Can Write When They Don’t Feel Like WritingMy Profile

  2. Renae says:

    I think I used awesome-sauce at least 6 times in a single video once. Crazy-sauce. Luv U Allie. Thanks again for the opportunity. :)
    Renae created this awesome post: 5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Etsy ShopMy Profile

  3. Renae is awesome-sauce! Love her videos and I can hardly wait to join her forum!
    Kristy, Life-n-Reflection created this awesome post: The Inspired NotebookMy Profile

  4. TracyAnn0312 says:

    It is awesome to know such kind of ideas in your blog. Good thing that you are there to share it with other people.
    TracyAnn0312 created this awesome post: LaitmanMy Profile

  5. Clarkmartin says:

    Hi ALLIE
    Great Article and thanks for share it. Your post is very important and healpful for knowledge of App.

  6. Shalu Sharma says:

    Nice apps for automating some of the process. I have my name for google alerts. Its nice to know when you are being mentioned somewhere on the web and great thing is that, its really amazing. Thanks for the others.
    Shalu Sharma created this awesome post: Types of ghosts and haunted places in IndiaMy Profile

  7. Santosh says:

    Hello ALLIE
    Excellent post! This is very helpful in freshman online entrepreneur like me. Looking forward to your another post.
    Thanks for share this post.

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