7 Posts I Wish I Never Wrote

Delete Old Blog PostsShould I Erase Them?

I started writing in my blog prematurely, meaning, I had no direction and yet decided to write jibberish posts about almost nothing.  These 7 posts do reflect how I felt and what I was doing at the time but the direction of my blog has taken a completely different path since then.

The 7 Culprits:

Let’s Get This Show On the Road (Very first post on my blog)
Feels Like Friday
In the Beginning There was a SAHM
Blog Banner and Life
Update 9-28-10 (With first comment!)
Update 9-29-10
Time To Start Make Money??

Delete Them?


-They are of little or no value to my readers.  I consider them jibberish.

-They bring in no traffic.

-People don’t read your first posts, do they? Really, who has time to go back all the way to the beginning?


-They are already written and part of my blog’s history.

-They show my positive progression towards a better blog, because they are so bad.

-They do reflect, somewhat, my blog’s mission: posting in regards to what I am doing in passive income.

-They do have comments attached to them.  Is it fair to delete a post in which someone took their time to comment?  One of the posts contains the very first comment on got on my blog and it happens to be Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income Blog.  You don’t just erase Pat Flynn, Passive Income Guru!

-Now I have links to them from this post.

Other options:

-Combine them into one megapost? I don’t like this idea, too much work for little positive results.

-Place disclaimers saying “I am a better writer now and have direction…”

A little help deciding:

When to Delete a Blog Post or Comment

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Delete Your Blog Posts

Help me out, I’m not sure what to do.  What should I do? Take my poll- YES or NO? Thanks!

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23 Responses to 7 Posts I Wish I Never Wrote

  1. As much as I don’t like my first couple blog posts I wouldn’t delete them because they are part of my blog’s history. Don’t delete them.

  2. My blog originally started out completely different as well. I even have posts with the old name still in them. I wouldn’t delete them because 1) they are part of my blog’s progression and growth and 2) some of them still provide google juice.

    I think most people know that blogs don’t start off perfectly right out of the gate. Have those initial posts help make you a “real” person – ya know? We’re real when we show that we aren’t perfect and have grown.
    Miriam T. created this awesome post: Yogi Bear Movie ReviewMy Profile

    • Jessica- I know, right? I am assuming many people don’t like their first posts. It’s like any other learning (cooking, biking, swimming, driving) except this one is written and set for the world to see. At least you can remember my bad cooking but years later it still doesn’t sit in the freezer for everyone to gawk at. LOL.

      Miriam- That Google juice is what I was wondering about. I know I didn’t and still don’t get traffic to those posts but being part of my blog’s history, I assume I get more history “credit” with Google. In other words, the age of my posts relies on these posts. Thx.

  3. Allie, aloha. When you think about it, what would be the purpose of deleting your first posts? Would it make you a different person than you were then taking your baby steps? Would it erase the posts from the minds of people who read yet did not comment?

    Allie, you should be proud of your decision to take your first step and the strides you have taken since.

    Good, bad or indifferent, those posts are a part of you and your blog.

    My suspicion is that all bloggers have written posts they feel are less than memorable–or at least they hope people don’t remember them. Nevertheless, they leave them.

    One final thought, Allie, before I get off my soapbox. You never know when one of those first posts might resonate with a newbie blogger and be the inspiration to continue. Wouldn’t that make you feel great?

    Have a spectacular weekend. Aloha. Janet
    Janet @ The Natural Networker created this awesome post: It’s a Storyteller’s Business by Janet Callaway The Natural NetworkerMy Profile

  4. Hi Allie… Okay I’m going to be the voice of dissent here. :) I cringe whenever I look at my stats and notice that someone read one of my earlier (ugly) posts. In fact I just contemplated this very question around 2 days ago, but just hadn’t gotten around to taking the old stuff down.

    To me it’s almost like keeping tons of old clothes in the closet, even though you know they don’t look good on you anymore. If they don’t fit who you are right now, get rid of them.

    Your blog is the one place where you can call 100% the shots. You can be as perfect and as awesome as you want to be here. Use that to your advantage. I’d rather be known for the good work I do than the jibberish I once was.

    On the other hand, I do find that it’s rare that people read your earlier posts. They mainly stick to your most recent work, so it might not make a difference either way.

    Dahlia Valentine created this awesome post: FREEDOM Using What You Know to Make Your Bank Account GrowMy Profile

    • Janet- You got me. I think my early posts did make an impact of at least one person. I kept in touch with her for a while but I’m not sure if she blogs anymore. They created a spark between us. Great point.
      P.S. I see you all over the same blogs I frequent and I can say, I have been wanting and waiting to get an “aloha”. :-)

      Dahlia- Do you know how indecisive I can be? Horribly indecisive. Thanks for playing Devil’s advocate, lol. But you make great points. I do cringe thinking people are going back and reading posts that don’t really have great content. But I do think, like Janet said, maybe they resonated with someone and I shouldn’t take them out. Maybe some day, when I am rich and famous (ok, rich, not famous, I’m too shy for that.) I can go back and say “see where I came from, you can too.” THX.

  5. Interesting debate here, Allie! I’m no blogging expert, but as someone in the same boat, I’d personally lean toward keeping them. As Miriam notes, those posts are part of my and my blog’s development and I’m proud of mine. =) I imagine that people worth being in touch with will probably read snippets of all of your blog and not just those early posts in isolation!
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  6. Hey Alli,

    I know how you feel. I have browsed through my old posts and have starred at them with my mouse over the “Trash” button on my dashboard. But you know what, your blog is you. I mean, if you don’t like your flat nose (just for explaination my friend, you have a great nose!) you wouldn’t think about getting rid of it. But to make yourself beautiful, you may think to do something that might make it look normal.

    Why not revisit your old blog posts once in a while and dress them up? If you do major changes or completely rewrite those old posts, you can republish them. I do this once in a while (normally once in a month).

    I give them a good seo boost too. I see that the traffic to those posts increase tremendously after been taken care of. I have written a guest post on this in Kiesha’s blog: http://weblogbetter.com/2011/03/22/blog-posts-reasons-to-revisit/

    Jane | Find All Answers created this awesome post: How I Managed To Get My Posts Featured On A-List BlogsMy Profile

    • Samantha- That is true too. The people that I create a longer lasting relationship with will go and read the earlier posts, wanting to know more about me. I have done that before with blogger. (Actually yours, I wanted to read about your journey. :-))

      Jane- That is true, I am not going under the knife any time soon, nether should my blog. Maybe I will go dress them up. I can place links to other’s related posts for further reading. Maybe fix some SEO, like you said. I’ll make them more interesting. I read that post you wrote, I will need to go back now. thx.

  7. Hi Allie,

    I think most of us have written stuff we later wished we hadn’t. In the beginnings of our blog, a lot of us aren’t sure the exact direction we’re going to go. At least that’s true for me.

    It’s funny how the blog takes on a life of its own, and goes in its own direction.

    I say keep the posts. They’re a priceless reminder of who you were at the time.

    Hope this helps.

    Gregory McGuire created this awesome post: Network Marketing Recruiting – Here’s How I Do ItMy Profile

    • Gregory- Thx. It is true, as I learned about blogging and social media the direction of my blog has changed. The track I am on right now will probably stay the same for a while. The posts are a reminder.

      Devesh- It is funny, looking back to when they were created I didn’t realize some day my blog would have a “history”. Slowly, It did.

  8. Hi Allie,

    thanks for your critical introspection. I don’t know if there any photos or even videos of you when you learned to walk (or from your kids ?). If so, would you throw them away only because you walk better today – or your kids ?

    It’s part of the process. Let’s love the process and we will never have to worry about the outcome again.

    Take care

    Oliver Tausend created this awesome post: The School System – Entrepreneurial Lessons And How To Convince A TeacherMy Profile

  9. Ah yes… the awareness that what we wrote when we were just starting out, is still out there in the land of Oz…

    What to do?
    Any of the above.
    I believe it’s all part of the process. Even your questioning now, is a lesson ready to be learned.

    What is pulling you toward this sense that those old posts have no value? Or, do they reflect a part of you that you’d rather not show today?
    Or, are they just not as professional as you have grown to know they “should” be?

    My blog began as my online journal. Nearly a year went by when almost no one knew it was there.
    Once I went “public”, people who knew me, sensed that my writing had changed, and they didn’t think it was for the better!

    My “true” self had started to get masked by what I thought I should be saying…
    you know the story.

    So, my point is…look at each post individually. There’s value in there, I’m sure. Maybe their’s some editing to do, or maybe some expansion on a theme in a new way.

    Regardless, they are all part of the journey.
    Nanette Saylor created this awesome post: Inspirations from Nature &amp Springtime Creative MusingsMy Profile

    • Oliver- You pulled out the kid card, lol. I am starting to think people see blogs as having a history that should not be deleted just revered. I never looked at it from that perspective.

      Nanette- My blog is a journey and I have stated that many times. The history of a journey cannot be erased but one can learn from history. thx.

    • Mavis- Both you and Jane suggested to just revamp them. I was thinking of Tweet Old Post, that is what sparked my need to write this post so I could get feedback. I wasn’t sure if I wanted people reading my old posts. Thx.

  10. Thank you everyone for your wonderful feedback! Your advise and votes helped me to realize I should just leave what I wrote alone. These posts are part of my blog. They show a history of where I started and as I progress, where I am going. My friend, Rachel, told me on Facebook that they are not unlike photographs of your childhood. You would not throw them away or even alter them, they are there to represent what use to be.


  11. When I migrated from Blogger to WordPress, I didn’t bring everything with me. And there are STILL posts that make me roll my eyes at myself. I’d leave them. In a way, it’s kind of like a growth chart. You can see how far you’ve come.
    Kimberly created this awesome post: Never thought I’d say I miss CharlieMy Profile

    • Thx Kimberly,

      I think we all make those initial “mistakes” but they don’t always need to be erased.

      You’re right, they are a growth chart. I just hope I don’t look back at the posts I think are awesome now and wonder what I was think, lol.


  12. Like I said, you go girl! We all have to learn to live with things we messed up! I mean, we didn’t learn to run before we could walk! :)

    Your posts have shown a great increase in terms of quality and the information you share. Also, your writing style had constantly improved. And you are using humor to your advantage!:)
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