7 Posts I Wish I Never Wrote

Delete Old Blog PostsShould I Erase Them?

I started writing in my blog prematurely, meaning, I had no direction and yet decided to write jibberish posts about almost nothing.  These 7 posts do reflect how I felt and what I was doing at the time but the direction of my blog has taken a completely different path since then.

The 7 Culprits:

Let’s Get This Show On the Road (Very first post on my blog)
Feels Like Friday
In the Beginning There was a SAHM
Blog Banner and Life
Update 9-28-10 (With first comment!)
Update 9-29-10
Time To Start Make Money??

Delete Them?


-They are of little or no value to my readers.  I consider them jibberish.

-They bring in no traffic.

-People don’t read your first posts, do they? Really, who has time to go back all the way to the beginning?


-They are already written and part of my blog’s history.

-They show my positive progression towards a better blog, because they are so bad.

-They do reflect, somewhat, my blog’s mission: posting in regards to what I am doing in passive income.

-They do have comments attached to them.  Is it fair to delete a post in which someone took their time to comment?  One of the posts contains the very first comment on got on my blog and it happens to be Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income Blog.  You don’t just erase Pat Flynn, Passive Income Guru!

-Now I have links to them from this post.

Other options:

-Combine them into one megapost? I don’t like this idea, too much work for little positive results.

-Place disclaimers saying “I am a better writer now and have direction…”

A little help deciding:

When to Delete a Blog Post or Comment

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Delete Your Blog Posts

Help me out, I’m not sure what to do.  What should I do? Take my poll- YES or NO? Thanks!