A Brief Guide To Your Penis Anxiety

When it comes to sex, insecurities can run high, particularly if you're still somewhat sexually inexperienced or have encountered criticism from previous sexual partners. You may be wondering if yours is the right size— or more relevantly, if it’s large enough to pleasure your partner.

penis-size-anxietyThe reality of the situation is that most "Love Sticks" are normal, and what constitutes ‘normal’ is very subjective.

The right size for your body will vary widely from that of a man either taller or shorter than you, for example.

However, reality is often difficult to keep at the forefront of our minds, particularly in stressful situations.

Even though we know our packages are (probably) perfectly fine, we don’t always know that when it matters most.

In turn, anxieties surrounding our bodies stop us from fully owning them— and this can interfere with sexual performance.

In the interest of helping you resolve these issues, we’ve devised a brief guide to common men's concerns. Below, we’ll consider whether penis size really matters to men and women; if you can have great sex with a small or curved penis; the benefits of overcoming your insecurities and tips for great sex.

Rest assured, however, that regardless of how you feel about your body—there is someone out there who will experience great pleasure from using it.

Penis Size: Does It Matter?

One of the greatest concerns surrounding men's phallus is size.


It’s very common for men to wonder if they’re too small, and somewhat less common for men to wonder if they’re too big— although this is a real possibility for some, particularly if their partner is more petite.

Many polls, surveys and case studies have looked into public opinion size: and where women are concerned, the consensus is relatively clear.

Very few women care about width or girth.

Data released by a team of researchers from UCLA and CSULA revealed that 84% of women are satisfied with their partner’s package terms of size. In real life, this means that if you have sex with 8 women, 7 of them will approve or not care about your size.


In a separate poll, a higher percentage of women reported that they cared, but only when their partner was too big— and was liable to cause pain.

The reasons for women not caring tend to vary, but in general, it seems that women are more concerned with what men use their penis for.

In simpler terms: a great workman doesn’t blame his tools.

Unsurprisingly, the study referenced above revealed that men are much more concerned about length than women are.

55% of men are unsatisfied with their size, and if nothing else, this could help in reassuring you that you’re not alone. While the study did not research men’s opinions of other men, the trend seems to suggest that the people most concerned about size are the owners of the penis in question.

This is probably because we are our own harshest critics, and often compare ourselves to highly enhanced images seen through porn and other mediums.

Yes, You Can Have Great Sex With a Small Or Curved Penis

It’s important to remember that ‘sex’ does not refer exclusively to penetrative sex, and that oral sex and foreplay are very relevant too.


For those wondering if having being ‘too small’ or ‘too curved’ means that you’re doomed to fail sexually: this isn’t the case.

Oftentimes, having a small package encourages you to experiment more, particularly in the interest of finding positions that feel more pleasurable for you.

It also encourages you to find other ways to pleasure your partner, through oral sex for example, and this can truly help you learn and explore your partner’s body to a higher degree.

Where curved penises are concerned, however, this can sometimes also prove a blessing. In certain positions, for example ‘Reverse Cowgirl’, a curve will help you hit a woman’s elusive ‘G-spot’ or other pleasurable areas. You’ll notice that many dildos are designed with a slight curve, so if you have a curve to your penis, you should in no way view this as a disadvantage.

The Pleasure Of Acceptance

It goes without saying that insecurities can stand in the way of sexual performance, so accepting your body and genitalia regardless of size or angle will definitely level up your sexual experience. This is because by accepting, or better yet by embracing your body, you can boost your confidence—and a confident sexual partner is the ideal.

A more confident person is naturally a better sexual partner, because they’re not afraid to take the lead and be more adventurous. Being tentative, and unsure of both yourself and sex in general, can truly prove to be a turn off for your partner— so accepting your body can heighten your sexual experience.

You will find yourself exploring more, and pleasuring your partners more, which will benefit everyone.

Sex Positions For Men With Small "Little Bob"

While size is definitely subjective, it is possible for you to feel small in comparison to a woman’s vagina.

For this reason, you may be tempted to explore different positions in the interest of pleasuring your partner more, and this is definitely recommended.


One position for you to try, if you haven’t already, is ‘Doggy Style’.

This is an excellent way to penetrate your partner more deeply, and to give the illusion of you having a wide girth.

Similarly, you may consider trying ‘The Hound’, which is a variation of doggy style, that involves both you and your partner positioned on all fours— as you rest your forearms on the surface beneath you. This increases intimacy and creates a feeling of deep penetration.

As discussed above, the ‘Reverse Cowgirl’ is always an excellent choice. This involves your partner sitting on top, backwards, and riding you from this position.

Men with small packages tend to find this position most effective in pleasuring their partner, and themselves. Other great options for you to research and explore are ‘The Deckchair’ and ‘Magic Mountain’.

Body Anxiety: It’s Real, But It Doesn’t Have To Be

The anxiety and insecurities you may feel about your penis size or shape are very real and totally normal. However, if the above article should be indicative of anything, it’s that this anxiety is deeply rooted in your perception of yourself— and that few people care as much as you do.


Your first step to overcoming these anxieties is accepting them: penis anxiety is real, and that’s okay. The second step to overcoming them is to work through them, by realizing that even if your penis is comparatively smaller or angular, it doesn’t really matter— because great sex involves much more than just size.