Bloggers: What REALLY is Good Content?

Useful and UniqueYou are a blogger. You have read 100’s of posts.  You look for answers and advise.  Tell me.  What is the number one advice given when new bloggers ask, “How Do I Get Traffic to My Blog“?

The answer is: Create Good Content

Yes, social networking, SEO and the such also, but deep down good content will keep readers coming back over and over.

I knew what good content meant before I even began writing any posts on my blog because Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett talk about it in their book, Problogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income.  And I have taken that advice ever since.

What do Mr. Rowse and Mr. Garrett say makes for good content?

On page 70 we get the answer…..

Good content is USEFUL AND UNIQUE

That’s all.

Simple, right?  Not so much, considering you have a multitude of blogs out there already writing, some for years, and  all selling you the same information, eBooks, host sites and magic software in their right margin.

Here is my take on useful and unique.


What do your target readers want or need? What do you want answered?

Does your audience simply want information? Do they want a community? Do they want to be entertained?

Answering these questions will help your blog to be useful.

Let’s take television, for example.  TV networks host numerous comedies, dramas, reality shows, news, game shows, educational shows, sports etc.  At any given moment there is plenty of competition between networks vying for your viewing.  The ones that provide usefulness in a niche get the most viewers.

Useful is what your audience wants or needs.


Your blog needs to be different.

I find this to be the hardest challenge.  How can my blog be different from other blogs in my niche?

I go back to my standby example, television.

Again, networks are trying to get you to watch their shows.  The TV show creators are always looking for the next best idea or the idea that has not been done before.  They try different characters that have not been seen before, they create shows around the hottest trends, they may shock you with news or out of the ordinary stories. Or simply, put a new spin on an old subject; update it.

Readers are always looking for different and new.

Make yourself stand out by being a comedian or a storyteller in the 3rd person.  Give your opinion or simply write all your posts in 200 words exactly, every time.  People will come just to see if you keep up with your own challenge.

Everyday, think of ways to be different but still contribute useful material.  You will need to research your “competition” but it will be worth it.

(Competition is in quotes because many times other bloggers in the same niche are always potential online friends and allies.  Sure they are competing for the same readers but you will find solidarity within your section on the Internet with them.)

How do you know you have useful and unique content?

Visitors turn into readers and come back, often.  Need it in proof? The lower the overall bounce rate for your blog, the more you are useful and unique.

Best of luck in your blogging!

What is your take?

Is there another way to create great content?

What do you consider good content to be?