Bloggers: What REALLY is Good Content?

Useful and UniqueYou are a blogger. You have read 100’s of posts.  You look for answers and advise.  Tell me.  What is the number one advice given when new bloggers ask, “How Do I Get Traffic to My Blog“?

The answer is: Create Good Content

Yes, social networking, SEO and the such also, but deep down good content will keep readers coming back over and over.

I knew what good content meant before I even began writing any posts on my blog because Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett talk about it in their book, Problogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income.  And I have taken that advice ever since.

What do Mr. Rowse and Mr. Garrett say makes for good content?

On page 70 we get the answer…..

Good content is USEFUL AND UNIQUE

That’s all.

Simple, right?  Not so much, considering you have a multitude of blogs out there already writing, some for years, and  all selling you the same information, eBooks, host sites and magic software in their right margin.

Here is my take on useful and unique.


What do your target readers want or need? What do you want answered?

Does your audience simply want information? Do they want a community? Do they want to be entertained?

Answering these questions will help your blog to be useful.

Let’s take television, for example.  TV networks host numerous comedies, dramas, reality shows, news, game shows, educational shows, sports etc.  At any given moment there is plenty of competition between networks vying for your viewing.  The ones that provide usefulness in a niche get the most viewers.

Useful is what your audience wants or needs.


Your blog needs to be different.

I find this to be the hardest challenge.  How can my blog be different from other blogs in my niche?

I go back to my standby example, television.

Again, networks are trying to get you to watch their shows.  The TV show creators are always looking for the next best idea or the idea that has not been done before.  They try different characters that have not been seen before, they create shows around the hottest trends, they may shock you with news or out of the ordinary stories. Or simply, put a new spin on an old subject; update it.

Readers are always looking for different and new.

Make yourself stand out by being a comedian or a storyteller in the 3rd person.  Give your opinion or simply write all your posts in 200 words exactly, every time.  People will come just to see if you keep up with your own challenge.

Everyday, think of ways to be different but still contribute useful material.  You will need to research your “competition” but it will be worth it.

(Competition is in quotes because many times other bloggers in the same niche are always potential online friends and allies.  Sure they are competing for the same readers but you will find solidarity within your section on the Internet with them.)

How do you know you have useful and unique content?

Visitors turn into readers and come back, often.  Need it in proof? The lower the overall bounce rate for your blog, the more you are useful and unique.

Best of luck in your blogging!

What is your take?

Is there another way to create great content?

What do you consider good content to be?


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Allie owns and writes Ramblings of a WAHM. She has blogged and been online working her way up since 2010. She loves to help WAHMs find balance between work and family.  Thanks for reading! Check out her awesome Resource Page! Sign up for updates and WAHM Newsletter.

32 Responses to Bloggers: What REALLY is Good Content?

  1. Jessica,

    Yes, I remember the post you wrote about things that make my husband crazy. It poked fun at both of you. It was big of you to post the things that drive him bonkers about you.

    Mom blogs, done well, are very unique because no two families are the same. And once you start reading about someone’s life you keep coming back for more. What will happen next?

    Thanks for coming by!


  2. Hi Allie,

    I agree with you that your content should be useful and, if possible, unique. As far as bounce rate is concerned, the statisic can be horribly skewed if you participate in StumbleUpon. My understanding is that your blog is stumbled by people who may or may not be looking in your blog’s category. So a lot of that traffic is less than a second, making your bounce rate soar. Have a great day!

    Lou Barba
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  3. Lou,

    I do participate in StumbleUpon and I never thought of that angle. I can say, I don’t see much traffic from SU so I don’t think my bounce rate is skewed much. BUT I know many people do get a lot of traffic from SU.

    Then maybe the amount of time on your blog from other references and organic traffic could be a great indicator that you are doing things right.

    Also, a good indicator could be the amount of times your post/blog is shared in social media.

    Do you agree?


  4. Hi Allie,

    Since I started participating in StumbleUpon, over half my traffic has come from there, with a bounce rate of almost 100%. My blog is kind of unique, so it was hard to find a good fit in the categories they offer. The bounce rate and the normal traffic rates from the other sources is slowly climbing, with decent bounce rates. My share rate is pretty low, but is also slowly climbing. I don’t mind what is happening with SU, I just have to keep in mind what it does to my statistics. It’s traffic, and there’s always a chance someone will come in from the cold of “THE INFORMATION HIGHWAY”

    I hope this helps you and your readers.

    Lou created this awesome post: THE PRIEST…THE PROPHET…AND THE PARIAHMy Profile

  5. Lou,

    Thx for coming back.

    I am not real active on SU but I heard it is one of the best ways to get traffic. I love tweeting my posts and any other post that I find useful or just enjoy. I find a lot of traffic from Twitter. Be sure to put a twitter button on each of your posts.

    Keep up the awesome commenting and you will get readers that stay in no time.

    Yes, your comments help me and my readers analyze our traffic and what really is good content.


    • Brittany,

      So true. It is very hard to be unique and sometimes only time can tell if a blog is unique, meaning, the bloggers personality will start to shine through in her posts. But there are bloggers that start of very unique and then blogging can be fun or just real interesting.

      TY for stopping by!


  6. Usefulness to me is similar to what you discussed — finding out what keeps your readers up at night and diving into that problem, helping them find some answers. If you can do that, you’ll have loyal readers for life.

    Uniqueness is a little trickier, because you want to be unique without being seen as someone just being different to get attention. Like the guy who dresses as different characters in his videos, it’s fine if it fits into what he’s trying to teach his viewers, but if he’s only doing it to get attention, I’m not sure that helps.

    To be unique in our industry is a challenge, to be sure.

    Thanks for making us think! I’m glad you brought this up. Too often we just let “create great content” fall off our tongues, without really thinking about what that means.

    Dr. Bob Clarke created this awesome post: Part Time Networkers- Can You CompeteMy Profile

    • Hey Dr. Bob,

      I like that, “finding out what keeps your readers up at night and diving into that problem”. I can’t tell you how many times I couldn’t fall asleep because something was bothering me and I NEEDED to find the answer. When I started out I couldn’t find anyone showing exactly how to earn money online. They would tell you they have a secret but you need to pay for it. I’m not falling for that. So I started blogging as I found answers.

      You are right, the unique aspect needs to fit in. It can’t be just for attention, I don’t think that would work for very long anyway.


  7. Allie, aloha. With teachers like Darren and Chris, you are learning from the best of the best.

    “Useful and Unique” definitely says it. You must give value to your readers be it in the form of education or entertainment or both.

    The flavoring that makes the difference, Allie, is the essence of the blogger. People want to connect with the person behind the content. In blogging, the blogger or messenger is just as important, if not more so, than the content or the message.

    The more effectively the blogger can weaves him/herself into the blog content, the greater the community they will build. Some people will like the blogger, some will not. Those who like the blogger will remain a part of the community and bring others, those who are not a “fit” with the blogger will move on to another blog.

    As I type this, I can think of a blogger who delivers quality content in a well written style. However, because that blogger and I are not a “fit” I only glance at one of his posts infrequently and rarely comment.

    Hope you allergies calm down soon, Allie. Take good care. Aloha. Janet
    Janet @ The Natural Networker created this awesome post: You are Enough! By Janet Callaway The Natural NetworkerMy Profile

    • Hey Janet,

      You made a great point about personality. Many bloggers don’t want it to show through, including me. I find I want everyone to like me so I try to keep personality to a minimum. BUT I am learning that is the wrong way to blog. And as I move on my journey, I allow my personality to show through more and more.

      Thanks for the reminder and the lesson.


      P.S. My allergies are doing ok, thanks to the rain. But when it leaves, more grass and pollen come back with a vengeance, lol. It’s gonna be a long spring. :-0

  8. Allie, wow you shared some really great content here!

    You know the part that stood out… well once of them anyway was uniqueness. I think in this having your own voice is very important. For example, I have started typing more like I talk and not worrying about proper english/grammar as much… AND if there is a part to me that is quirky, I like that to be heard too. As you say, the TV networks find a way to be different… since we are all different, we need to follow their lead to capture our fragment of the audience too.

    I believe I mentioned Stumble upon and I noticed some of the readers above have had very high bounce rates. Funny, I get a lot of traffic from SU and on some topics it is true the bounce rate can be a little higher… but on other days perhaps I struck it right with the topic because I have had some decent ‘stays’… like for 10-15 mins… so I guess it’s what you share that day and who happens to ‘stumble upon’ it… LOL

    Thanks Allie
    Jayne Kopp created this awesome post: Positive Life Changes What’s Stopping You From Starting an Online BusinessMy Profile

    • Jayne,

      Just a few weeks ago I read a post about writing like you talk. I always wondered about that. Should I be more professional in my writing or just write as if I was in a conversation? It makes sense if you are in an informal setting to just write like you talk. My blog is not formal. So I began to loosen up a bit.

      Thanks for pointing that out. Being yourself and showing your personality like Janet said, can really help bring out the uniqueness in your blog.

      As with SU, sometimes it just seems so hit and miss that I wonder if I should keep it in my social networking??? Hmmm?


  9. Hi Allie,

    Useful works for me Allie.

    Write stuff that others can use, your content becomes valuable. Create content that others can consume and put into practice immediately. Keep the content simple, yet powerful in that it should make an immediate impact on your reader’s lives.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph created this awesome post: How to Snag Up to 70 Blog Post Ideas Each DayMy Profile

    • Ryan,

      You hit it on the head- “Create content that others can consume and put into practice immediately”. I am always looking for fresh content to lead me to new ideas. Valuable and up-to-date is very important.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  10. Hi Allie,

    You’re sharing both useful & unique content here. I’m totally agree with you. I think one need to keep the balance with useful & unique content.

    I’ve got good bounce rate from search engine & social blogging communities traffic. Agree with Lou, stumbleupon traffic gives you a very high bounce rate.

    Thanks for sharing this unique & useful content, Allie.

    Keep up the good work and have a great weekend.

    Devesh created this awesome post: Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones But Words Will Make you Rich – Man!My Profile

    • Devesh,


      The more I am reading about SU, the more I wonder if I should bother. I am going to find out if it is still hot in Social Media or not. I get great response from Twitter and commenting. I just read this morning on Spin Sucks, go where your audience hangs out. Duh! It was like a revelation. Does my audience hang out at SU? I need to be sure.


    • Gregory,

      I thought the same thing. I can’t claim “useful and unique” so I was wondering, “is that it?” I thought about it for a while, and, yes, it does sum it all up. Follow Darren and Chris’ advice and a blog will work.


    • Jane,

      I love to learn on and offline, books are my favorite way of learning. The industry moves so fast that I worry that a book could be outdated. But useful and unique will never be outdated.

      Thanks so much for putting me in the round up!!!


  11. Hey Allie,

    I so enjoyed the part of letting your blog be useful. At this time when everyone and their uncle is out online, you want to stand out. You want to command authority and give people a solid reason to come to you instead of others.

    With the way you talked about the Problogger book, I guess it’s time to pick it up.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Tosin@Home-Based Business Coach created this awesome post: How to Promise Success Without Being One YetMy Profile

  12. Hey Allie

    Corbett Barr of Think has a great quote: he says good content is just the price of entry.

    To get the effect you;re talking about I think you have to strive for GREAT CONTENT.

    Great content – IMO- has these characteristics

    (i) Unique
    (ii) High Value
    (iii) Actionable (though YOU may have to create the action plan)
    (iv) Truthful (though YOU may not agree with the blogger’s truth. For example a Republican blogger may say something that a Democrat blogger may understand but not agree with because the polarities of their core values don’t match up).
    (v) Well written.
    (vi) Great Content elicits some kind of reaction. Because the writer for that article, and for those few moments, connected with you. And you understood what he said so well that it made you laugh or smile or cry or angry.

    I’m sure there’s some things I’ve missed out. I think I just outlined a new post too….(so thanks for inspiring that, I;ll make sure I give you full credit and a nice juicy link!).

    To sum up. Corbett Barr from Think Traffic has it down in three words: Write Epic Shit.

    have a great weekend.

    paul wolfe created this awesome post: 5 Blogs And Websites That Will Help Bloggers and Content MarketersMy Profile

    • Hey Paul,

      I just used “good” because I was referencing Darren and Chris’s book. Yes, I total agree, GREAT content is needed. Or better yet: Write Epic Shit. Maybe I should write a post Good Content vs Epic Shit. Lol.

      All of your points make perfect sense. And when you write that post LMK, I may link to it for further reference for my readers. I am a firm believer one should learn from many sources. I do, why shouldn’t my readers too. Link juice for everyone! ;-)

      The one thing that stood out for me, though, was “actionable”. When writing a post, I want to think of ways to get people to take action without me telling them. That is quite the challenge but I read posts everyday that make me feel that way, so I hope to achieve that also.

      Awesome points. Thanks for sharing with me and my readers.


  13. Allie,

    I like how you talk about telling a story to gain the attention of readers for a blog.

    That is how I started on my personal business blog. I used entertainment to mix with my home business and social networking tips.

    People would always be curious how I was going to tie them together. But it seemed to work.

    Have a good one!
    Tommy D.

    • Tommy,

      Great example. Entertain + home biz + social networking = great content. The hard part is tying it all together to make it your own, great for your readers and unique. That is the key. Keep that going and you’ll find success.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  14. Hi Allie,

    In your post, you mention how can you be different with so many other blogs in your niche. I’ll tell that you still can be different. There are so many individuals that don’t take advantage of other delivery methods. Everyone writes a post because it is easy. How about creating a video or an audio? You can mix them with your written post.

    You see most bloggers are afraid of video or audio. If you really want to stand out from the crowd you must to something that others are not willing to do in your niche.

    Have a great day…
    Josh Garcia created this awesome post: Warning- Read This Before Buying an Orlando ForeclosureMy Profile

    • Josh,

      I am so glad you brought that up. I have not ventured into audio or video yet but plan to. And usually I don’t write about things I have not tried yet. (I know, this is good and bad, but I want to remain truthful.)

      But, yes, just because it is a different delivery method does not mean it cannot fall under “unique”. So many bloggers just don’t jump into other methods. I wonder why. My excuse is that I am fairly new and still establishing my blog. But video is definitely in my horizon. podcast #17 Talks about using video or audio to gain email subscribers because that is where some readers are. They don’t read blogs but they do watch YouTube videos. What a great way to get out there.

      Thanks again for your insight.


  15. I feel good content is a good balance interesting things to write about, original ideas, a little bit of humor, experience and a lot of focus on interactive equation. Your readers should get the idea that you are talking to them. Also, focusing on writing content with your take on it – original ideas!
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  16. Hi allie
    I have been playing with my writing style as I do my posts have started adding images to my posts I find that helps they are something to centre around also have wrote a couple of posts in draft which are supposed moto be more comical. Haven’t posted them yet though going to run them past people first see if they find them funny and not just me. To me great content is getting what works best for you and developing that particular style to its optimum.

    Thanks great post lee
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