BufferApp Review: Social Scheduling the Easy Way

Is this you day online?

Read a post.  Share it. Read a post.  Share it. Read a post.  Share it. Read…

You get the idea.

As bloggers and social media managers we are reading and sharing much of our days.  It is the nature of the beast.

To have a healthy relationship with the people that follow you on social media you need to keep in touch with them with a active dose of sharing, updating and just plain discussion.  Yet all this cannot go on within the one, two or even six hours you spend online.   The sharing needs to be spread out during the day for maximum exposure.  Not to mention should be shared during optimal times your audience will see all this interaction.

That is when free BufferApp comes in handy.

Handy Little Free Tool: BufferApp

“What it does is simple. You add updates to your Buffer queue and it will be posted for you well spaced out over the day – and at the best times.” ~BufferApp

BufferApp lets you space out your tweets throughout the day.  By doing this you avoid flooding anyone’s timeline and also giving the impression that you are active on social media.  People will see you more often, thus raising your chances of being seen at different times of the day.

How It’s Done

Here is the deal:  you sign up and get 10 posts at a time per social profile.  That can be Twitter, Facebook profile, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Group and App.net.    I use BufferApp primarily for Twitter and Facebook.

After you sign up and link your social media profiles to BufferApp, head over to the schedule tab and simply schedule when you want your tweets to post.  You can use a service like Tweriod to find out your optimal times for posting according to your audience.

Here’s a short video to show you how I use BufferApp’s Firefox extension.  Link for all extensions and apps.

And you can also install their button to your blog for easy sharing for your readers.

You can fill up your queue to 10 posts (unless you refer more people then you get extra spaces for each friend who signs up and uses buffer).  As they are posted you can add more, up to 10 at a time.  BufferApp will also email you when you queue is empty.

Other Great Stuff at BufferApp

BufferApp has simple analytics so you can see how many retweets a post has received as well as how many potential people saw your post, mentions, clicks and favorites.

BufferApp analytics






Entering your desired schedule is super easy! Just fill in the times according to the drop down menu.  You can also change it up and tweet at different times for different days, all according to your time zone.

Also available are different link shorteners like bit.ly, buff.ly and j.mp.  Or no shortener at all.

Great Costumer Service

As if that is not enough to receive from a free service, the BufferApp team is awesome at customer service!

The BufferApp website is lacking information for new members.  Maybe I just couldn’t find it.  Or maybe the people at BufferApp want you to contact them because they sure do make it easy.

I sent them an email at 10:13am on a Friday morning, just a couple of simple questions I needed to know for new members.  At 10:38am I received my reply from Carolyn, the “Happiness Hero”, (yep, that is her title), and she answered all I needed to know.

Talk about service!

And that is not all!

When I first started using BufferApp a while back I tweeted a question to Leo, one of the founders of the BufferApp.  I don’t remember what I asked or tweeted but I directed it to him.  He tweeted me back within minutes!  I was so impressed with the level of customer service I received from this company!

I can say with confidence, if I needed the premium feature they offer I would not hesitate to sign up for it.

Sign Up for Free

Here is the link to sign up for BufferApp.  It is such a simple application to use and so powerful for your social media marketing program.