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Just One Quiet Hour for the Mompreneur

One of the biggest dilemmas work from home mothers have is time.  Not necessarily the time to do their work but the time to gather their thoughts and get organized for the work day. Last week I posted on my Facebook Page this question:  …

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Top 9 Time Saving Tricks for Busy Mompreneurs

Ok, I confess these are MY top 9 time-saving tricks but they work! Really. If you have some feel free to share them, I love finding new ways to get more out of my day. My Mompreneur Days aka “Business Mode” I refer to Monday…

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Chaos is Bad, Setting Important Boundaries for the WAHM

Imagine this: chaos in your home. Your kids bicker constantly, the dishes never get done, the dog pooped on the rug again, there is never anything healthy to eat, your husband keeps leaving his dirty underwear on the floor for you to pick up.  You…

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What Do I Do with the Kids While Working from Home?

My kids are 13 and 15 years old so frankly I rarely see them unless they need or want something from me, or I request their presence.  That said, yes, I can get a lot done as I work from home.  Teenagers are mentally draining…

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WAHM Monday Challenge: Challenge Yourself

I found that I get little to nothing done if I do not challenge myself to actually get something done. I tell myself “I bet you can’t get that done by…”  or “I’m sure I can do this in…” This tactic seems to work for…

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Mastering Your WAHM Time

As a Work from Home Mom can you really manage time?  I believe “time” does not like to be managed, and, frankly, she gets a little angry when we try to box her in and make her into something she doesn’t want to be, like…

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