Fun and Easy: Changing Your Facebook Cover with PicMonkey

Hey Everyone! It’s Video Thursday!

Today you won’t see me but you will see my screen.  Awe, bummer!  I didn’t do my hair this morning so back off. LOL!

One of my favorite bloggers, Sonia Winland, posted a video about creating a Twitter header with PicMonkey.  I didn’t know you could do that with PicMonkey.  But I did know you could easily make a collage for your Facebook page or profile cover.

This video shows a fun and easy way to change your covers and headers.  If you are creating these for your business or professional profiles make sure they stay consistent with your theme such as colors, fonts and images across all your social media and business platforms.

PicMonkey free photo and image editing online!

Here is Sonia’s post about making a Twitter header. You can also watch it in my sidebar, for a short period of time.

More info about Facebook covers.

The link to my YouTube Video just in case.

Did you make a new cover?  Leave a link below.


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    • Sonia,

      No, thank you for the idea. I hope you didn’t mind that I built my post and video off of your post and video.

      Yep, I use PicMonkey for so much, even personal stuff. I have Photoshop, the big one and it is so complicated. And it is for professionals, I am not. So I am very thankful to PicMonkey.

      Have a great Thanksgiving!

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