Content Marketing Breakdown: You No Longer Need to Feel Lost

Content Marketing WAHM

Content Marketing for WAHMs

If you have been trying to learn about how to make your business become more popular online, you have most likely run across a phrase that many entrepreneurs, bloggers, businesses, and marketers use:

“Content Marketing”

And if you are like me a couple of years ago, these 2 simple words perplex you. They certainly confused me.

First, I did not come from a marketing background, I came from an offline business background.

Second, I had heard of marketing and knew what it is but this phrase was new to me.

Three, I was thinking my offline business does not need “content” to market.  We had been thriving on word of mouth and business cards to make our business thrive.

But a few years ago I was trying to carve my own way online by starting a blog and becoming part of this expansive blogging community. I wanted to to become a Work from Home Mom online.  I wanted to start my own business and have it thrive online.

So I needed to know what Content Marketing is.

Content Marketing Defined

Content Marketing is basically creating some type of subject matter that communicates to your audience that you can make their lives better somehow with what you are selling or talking about.

Let’s break that down onto it’s bits and pieces to better understand what we need to do online.

Breaking Down the Content Marketing Definition


What you deliver.

Your content can be posts, articles, video, audio, lectures, speeches and speaking engagements.  And all that can be delivered through blogs, social media, email, social events, home parties, business conventions, lectures at a school, a book, pamphlet or however else you deliver a message that communicates what you do and how that can help others.

We are strictly going to stick with blogging, social media and email, in other words, we will stick with online content.


Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to a customer.

Marketing has many channels to communicate through.  You are probably familiar with TV commercials and ads on websites.  There are also billboards, flyers, signs, blogs, Facebook pages, business cards, letterhead, well, I can go on and on.  Anything that shows off your brand and business is a form of marketing.  Even a simple conversation with a friend over lunch can be marketing. (That is how many lunches are written off on taxes.)


To communicate is to deliver your message.  We use our 5 senses to deliver and receive messages all day long.

In business we usually stick with sight and sound.  But if you would like to be creative the other senses can always be engaged, yet I would find that rather hard online.


These are your potential customers and existing customers.  They are your target market.  You will need to know them in order to communicate your message in the most efficient ways.

Making Lives Better

Let’s face it most humans want better lives.

Some strive for simple solutions like getting through the morning with a cup of coffee.  And some want huge solutions like losing 200 pounds.

I can think of 2 huge brands that have helped make lives better in both of those scenarios- Starbucks and Weight Watchers.  Both of these brands have amazing content to help you feel better.  And then you take action to be part of that brand.

The bottom line is everything that is purchased is to make life better.  Whether you are buying a loaf of bread or a yacht, the person making the purchase feels life will be better once she uses that purchased item.

Selling and Talking About

What you sell, your service or product, will help make lives better.  This is key to marketing because you need to talk about how you can help your audience be better.

How are you making lives better?

Do you sell jewelry?  You get to help women feel pretty.

Are you a freelance writer?  You free up time for other entrepreneurs so they can concentrate on other projects.

Do you write to share the story of your life?  You are helping others know they are not alone. And possibly have something in common with you.  This brings joy.

Putting Content Marketing Together

Content marketing is not so scary.  It can be complex, like a web of places you need to be online.  But if you know how your product or service will help your target market and that is what you communicate over and over on your blog, in your emails and on social media, you will have a grasp of content marketing.

Every time you write a blog post, a Facebook status update or an email to your list, think about how you are helping that person on the other side be better.  Be excited to help them fulfill their happiness.

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