Danny Iny Everywhere: Guest Blogger Extraordinaire

Guest PostingDo you ever wonder how writers and bloggers become popular online? 

No, they don’t make home videos of their bedroom activities and then it gets “leaked” to the public, although, that is one strategy.

No, a pretty face would not be enough either.

Could it be the awesome content they create? You are getting hotter.  This is one aspect but content won’t make them popular, but it can keep them popular.

Popularity comes from being everywhere. 

A few weeks ago I was making my weekly rounds, reading my favorite blogs and I started to notice a pattern. I counted that I visited 15 trusted and established blogs one morning and 12 of them had the same guest poster over week’s time.  I immediate thought this guest poster is one, a go getter and, two, trusted in his community.  If this many bloggers trust him to write for them this often, I could probably learn a lesson here.

This guest poster is Danny Iny and he has been everywhere on my blog visits recently.  He has taught me a very valuable lesson in spreading the word.

To become popular I will need to guest post, often.

Danny Iny Everywhere I Go

Recently I was checking my RSS feed for the newest posts from my favorite bloggers.  One of my favorites is Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income.  I hopped on over to read, Over-Empowerment, Entitlement, and Anonymity: The Dark Side of Social Media, a guest post by Danny Iny.  I enjoyed reading the post, like I do every time I visit Pat’s blog but for some reason did not comment.  I left to spend my time clicking and reading my other favorite blogs.

Hours later I hit my Triberr account to read and share articles from my TribeMates.  On the home page of Triberr was a post called The Secret To Staying Ahead of the Blogging Curve.  I found that title interesting and Dino always puts out great content.  So I headed over there for a read.  It wasn’t Dino but Danny Iny.  I had seen this name before but couldn’t remember where.  (As a blogger who reads a lot sometimes you forget where you have seen people.)  I enjoyed his post at Triberr so I commented.  And he commented back soon after.

Then today I headed back to my RSS for another round of reading and something strange happen.  Danny Iny was at most of the blogs I decided to visit! Think Traffic, Traffic Generation Café, One Spoon Full at a Time, and Daily Blog Tips. How could this be happening?

Engagement from scratch bookFirst it felt like I was stalking him.  Then I was relieved to have realized that he is a very intelligent, hard working man.  You see, Danny just launched an eBook called Engagement from Scratch (not an affiliate link) which features many huge names in social media and I was witnessing him spread the word about this amazing book.

I was so inspired by Danny and his efforts to get the word out about his book, I not only upgraded to the paid version of Engagement from Scratch but I felt the need to write about his efforts.

So what can bloggers learn from Danny Iny?

Be everywhere.  Even if I had never heard of Danny Iny, (which I did through social circles but never read his stuff) by the time I had seen him guest post on no less than 12 blogs I read every week, I wanted his new book more than ever.  Persistence gets you noticed.

Write content that your audience craves.  I absolutely needed to read his guest post on Traffic Generation Café, Want Fanatical Traffic? Here’s How.  It has a catchy title and don’t all bloggers need fanatical traffic?  And I might add, it was a great post!

Be kind and gracious.  Danny is busy man, he just launched his book and he says he has over 30 guest posts.  I would consider that busy.  But Danny has taken the time to answer comments left at these blogs, at least the ones I have visited.  He answered my comment.

You do not need to have anything special to launch or share.  I found that Danny has been busy guest posting for a long time, way before he wrote a book.  Simply helping a fellow blogger out with a guest post can get you noticed in their realm of readers and bloggers.  Most simply stated guest posting can make you popular. 

Check out my latest guest post: Blogging Success: Failure is Success


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Allie owns and writes Ramblings of a WAHM. She has blogged and been online working her way up since 2010. She loves to help WAHMs find balance between work and family.  Thanks for reading! Check out her awesome Resource Page! Sign up for updates and WAHM Newsletter.

22 Responses to Danny Iny Everywhere: Guest Blogger Extraordinaire

  1. Wow, Allie, I’m absolutely floored – it’s a good thing you can’t see through my monitor, because my face is bright red! I’m overwhelmed by your kind words in this post, and I’m thrilled to hear that you’ve enjoyed some of my writing.

    Honestly, the best part of doing all of this writing is that I’ve had the privilege of connecting with so many wonderful people like you. Thank you so much for doing this!
    Danny @ Firepole Marketing created this awesome post: Pulp-Fiction Style Get Found Online Adrenaline-Shot to the Heart of your Small BusinessMy Profile

    • Danny,

      I’m floored! Thank you for coming by and commenting!

      You know, when I began blogging I mentioned Pat Flynn in a post. He commented on it! I was surprised. What a great guy to take out of his busy schedule to say hello to this newbie!

      I feel that you are that person too. That is why I was compelled to buy your book and then write about you. Actually, I knew I needed to guest post more and you are the catalyst that propelled me. When I saw you everywhere I was I knew there was something good about guest posting that must help with getting people back to my blog.

      Thanks for coming by!

      Allie created this awesome post: Spike on Blackout Day a Nice Surprise: Why My Traffic SurgedMy Profile

  2. Such an inspiring text, thanks for sharing this!I totally agree, guest posting is the best way for a blogger to become famous. And also in the online marketing strategies, guest posting is a really good way to reach a higher traffic and build links to your blog.
    Catwoman created this awesome post: fogbeültetésMy Profile

    • Catwoman,

      I am learning very quickly that guest posting is actually one of the most fun ways to promote. I am getting great traffic and making friends. Not to mention practice in writing and promoting in social media.

      BTW, you definitely need a gravatar with a name like Catwoman. Lol.

      Allie created this awesome post: Blogging Success: Failure Is SuccessMy Profile

  3. To get more traffic to a blog, the content needs to be good, and regular (daily is ideal), on a relatively popular subject, and also there needs to be a good backlinking strategy. Income also depends on how you are monetizing (AdSense, Amazon, or other), and how well that monetization works itself. As you probably know, AdSense income per click can vary from zero up to around $30 or so, according to keyword. If there are Amazon products directly relevant to your blog, then Amazon will usually make more money than AdSense. Again, different products on Amazon will generate very different incomes.
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  4. Hi Allie,

    Danny is a wise man and he’s true to his power by even commenting here. Spooky, it’s like he has ears everywhere or something ;)

    One thing I also really liked about your post was the fact that the secret wasn’t having the most amazing content in the world. If anything, Danny’s ability to have over 30 guest posts on A’list blogs like the ones you mentioned was because of his relationships.

    It can give us all hope, to know that when it comes to content vs relationships, relationships will win every time.

    I expect in the next month your face will be the one on all our favorite blogs.

    Bryce Christiansen created this awesome post: How To Blow Your Interview: Just 6 Little LettersMy Profile

    • Bryce,

      I learned after about a year into blogging that relationships are very important. I thought I could go at this alone. But I was lucky enough to have found some great people in which we support each other. Then I really learned the value of relationships online.

      You still need amazing content but I think it’s your relationships that help build a healthy online presence.

      Thanks for always stopping by!

      Allie created this awesome post: Guest Posting: The Best Way to Promote Your BlogMy Profile

  5. I think the way Danny built his audience is particularly relevant in our days of Google throwing fits every other day, Allie, changing algorithms and leaving us in the dust with no SEO traffic.

    By the way, am I imagining things or are you working on your site design? Something is different…
    Ana Hoffman created this awesome post: Thesis ThemeMy Profile

  6. Ana,

    Yes, so true. Some day I will pick Danny’s brain. But for now I will just see what he is up to. I think he has a lot to teach.

    And yes, I am working on streamlining my blog. I also need to keep my audience in mind. I am trying to attract more moms, they are who I am starting to write to more, so I need to switch things up to reflect my audience. Slight changes. I took your advice and narrowed my reading field also.

    Allie created this awesome post: Quotes and AkismetMy Profile

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