No One Can Do It Alone: Find Your Tribe

What do all these have in common?

A  baseball team, a car, an athlete, and coffee?

All these things took a group of people to get a job done.   

Blogging Teamwork

–>The baseball team depends on each position, coaches and management to win.

–>A car takes a company and its workers to get it built.

–>An athlete has a group of people to thank for her accomplishments- parents, coaches and friends.

–>Even the coffee you drink would not be in your mug if the grower, the pickers, the transporter and the store didn’t work together so you can brew it every morning.

People learned long ago that teams work more efficiently to accomplish a goal than just one person alone.  This is a fact.  Most tasks in life take a team of people to accomplish.

So then why are you still working all by yourself?  Why have you not joined or started your team?

Why are you blogging and running your mom business all by yourself? 

Generally, we need others to succeed in life, right?  Sure, there are cases where people have seemed to have been the lone victor, but there was a coach, a mom, a dad, a friend or person that helped that person reach her victory.

For over 2 years I thought I could do this WAHM thing all by myself.  I didn’t even ask my husband for advice, I kept him in the dark.

Then something happen, I joined a Google Plus community and found that when I asked a question, it got answered.  When I shared a post, it got shared in return.   I found that the people there wanted to help each other and that made me want to help them.

Knowing these basic facts I ventured out to popular forums and found more people.  These are people like me- bloggers, work from home moms, social media and SEO influencers, moms, dads, and small business owners.  They were out there, looking for others too.  We formed groups on Facebook and Google, kept it small and talked.  We talked about our work and sometimes our families and lives.

We became whole.

We all complimented each other and this helped each and every one of us start to reach our goals and win.

Win what?  Whatever you set your mind to.

More sales.  More readers.  Writing a post.  Making a video.  Heck, I even learned how to soothe a crying baby faster.  (Wish I knew that 14 years ago.)

Find your tribe

Team. Tribe. Community. Group. Troop. Band.

Whatever you want to call it.  Just get into one or two.  Find that group of people that you get to know and when they ask “Will you help me?” You don’t hesitate to be there.

Do you need help figuring out how to find the right group?

I’ll help you.  Just send me an email using the contact form above.  Or you can always simply reply to any of my newsletters.