How to Get Noticed Online: My New Free eBook for Mom Business and Blog Owners

Are You a “Newbie”?

Newbies are new bloggers or business owners that have just arrived online in hopes of promoting their blog or business.  You are fresh and full of hope.


Then it happens.  You realize you are starting to get lost.  The Internet is a HUGE place and for someone new it can be so daunting and down right lonely.

I want you to know you are not alone, I’m here and so are 25 of my closest and favorite bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

We have been where you are.  We had a time where we thought, “what the heck do I do next?” or “where do I go from here?“.  But we got through that desperate stage and have come out on the other end ready to help you do the same.

Read on….

Change is Necessary

For a while now I gave away my free Blogging Checklist eBook to anyone who subscribed to my newsletter.

But change is needed to move forward so today I am announcing that I have a new eBook to give away!!!

How to Get Noticed Online: Tips for Novice Mom Business and Blog Owners

(You can still grab the Blogging Checklist at my free resources page.)

Get Noticed

I wanted a book that made novice mom business and blog owners feel welcome online but even more.  I want you to learn how to promote yourself and your business.  How to get noticed.

I talk about some basics you need like knowing what you want, having a call to action, produce awesomeness and much more.

And then you get great advice from 25 amazing contributors.

Find out how to get noticed online.

Grab my newsletter and this free ebook now.