Keep Your Relationship Fire Burning with These Dating Tips

Men are great when it comes to chasing women and gaining acceptance as their partners. However, after a while in the relationship, we tend to lose our interest and start taking everything for granted.

It may not be intentional, but the lady will notice that you are not the Mr. Romantic she met a while back. You start behaving more like her brother than her lover.

Before you know it, everything will be thrown to the dogs.

Fights will ensue and you will resent one another.

To avoid all that, there are a few things you need to put into consideration. You also need the same advice when, after chasing her for a while, she has agreed to go out on a date with you.

Whatever place or fun you two decide to have, keep the following tips in mind to spice things up.

Always communicate;

Whether it is verbal communication or through gestures, always let your woman know you are paying attention and you are on the same page as she is.

Nod, smile, reply and throw in a few words when she is talking to know you understand what her words are all about. Even when you disagree with her, let her politely know your opinion on the issue the two of you are discussing.



Appreciate her;

You love her and you know she loves you too.

Rather than assuming she knows this stuff, let her know. Even the toughest of men need to be told they have done something good or you mean something to someone else.

What of ladies?

Your words of appreciation will go a long way in showing how much she means to you. Say ‘thank you,’ ‘I love you’ and other little words which show your appreciation.



Never take her for granted;

Even when you keep telling her you to love her or she means the world to you, if you take her for granted even for a little while, you may be doing great damage to the bond between the two of you.

When she talks to you, look at her or show how you intend to respond to her requests or instructions.



Give her surprises often;

We all love surprises especially the pleasant ones. If you have been in a relationship for a while, you recall how often you would pull little stunts to show the world you love your lady but you now stopped.

Go back there and do a little something she was not expecting. If it is your first date together, do not go there all plain and predictable.

Do something your new catch does not expect of you on that first night out together.



Remember the beginnings;

when you started out in the relationship, or when you first had a crush on her, you were ready to impress her in any way you wanted. You could have forgotten that part, yet it meant the world to her.

Start doing the little things that will liven her up no matter what you will be doing for your better half.

Include her in the decision-making process;

Unless you plan to surprise her with a little something, always ensure that your woman knows what you are up to.

Let her make her contribution in all the major decisions of the homes. Even the little decision should include her input since, at times, you may not be as knowledgeable as she is on certain subjects.

Also, allowing her to make her input will make her feel appreciated.

  • Always respect her; it happens to all of us. You are on a date with your girl then another one appears looking like a million dollars. The natural instinct is to ogle. Well, if you must, let her know you are looking at the other girl and for what reason (of course you will not say it’s because she’s the most beautiful lady on the planet). If she catches you ogling, you are as good as dead.


  • Keep the romance flowing; remember what the two of you used to do to create the love bubbles around you? Start it all over again. It never gets old. Better yet, you will have a girl who adores you for who you are and how you are able to create the love magic in the air. Not only will she love you more, but she will also be faithful to you.

Remain honest;

From a young age, we have been told, to be honest at all times. For this reason, be honest in the relationship even when you did something you think is unforgivable.

It is better for her to learn of your mistake from you than learn it from someone else. In fact, she will be in a better position to forgive you than when you keep things from her.

By the way, women are better with secrets than us men. So, unless you want a completion which you will lose, be honest.



Be the best boyfriend she can find;

Work out, learn new hobbies, be great in bed, be the ultimate man she can think of. Just like men, women also compare their men with other men.

Let her always rank you at the top when it comes to being the best man in her life. Do not, however, overdo it to appear cocky as it is a turnoff.