Million Dollar Blog Project: You In with Me?

Thinking (and Doing) with Think Traffic

If you are active in the blogging world you already know about Corbett Barr’s Million Dollar Blog Project.  If not, I am here to announce it to you.  It is the buzz right now.  I even joined a great tribe of soon to be millionaires because of it.

Corbett Barr over at the most awesome Think Traffic is launching a blog project.  It is a biggy!  He wants to start a blog from scratch, monetize it and then make $100,000 a year from it.  Too impressive to ignore, if you ask me!

At first I read the post and thought, “That is so great, I wish I could do that.”

I read it again and thought, “Ok, I’ll follow along.”

He wrote a few more posts about his project and I couldn’t help but get sucked into the awesomeness I was reading!  Now I couldn’t resist.  I announced to my husband this morning that I plan on following and implementing what I can right along with Corbett.  I made sure I told my hubby because I know this is a large undertaking and may be more time consuming than my family is used to BUT I really want it.

Who could pass on having a famous and respectable blogger help you along your journey AND all his participants there to help also!!!???  AND, yet another bonus, I have a tribe that is working on it too!

Do It With Me

I know if you are a new blogger this can be very overwhelming. But I am here to help you.  People are talking about “niche sites” vs “authority sites” and “monetizing” and “affiliates”.  If you are new, this can lead you to run away.  None of this is hard, believe me.  I was there just a few months ago.

What will I be doing?  My plan right now is to follow him, take in his guidance and them implement what I can with my existing blog, Ramblings of a WAHM.  But if I know you are interested we can do it together.  If you want to start a new blog, I can help you along the way.  That is definitely a bonus for you!  You have Corbett, all his participants and me!

As he announces more, because he hasn’t started yet, we can develop what we need.  I would love to keep up with you along the way.  So I will think of an easy way to create a Twitter group or forum or just here weekly.

Can you tell I am excited!!? Let’s do this!

Let me know if you are in it with me!

UPDATE: (9/21/11)  Officially register here with Think Traffic and then read more of my posts about my RWAHM Million Dollar Blog Project.

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32 Responses to Million Dollar Blog Project: You In with Me?

  1. I have been waiting all day for this post, lol! I’m very excited too! I’ve registered my blog Life Full of Laughter on the Million Dollar Blog Project page. I’d absolutely love your help in any and every way possible! I’ve had the blog for awhile but have only recently gotten serious about trying to monetize it. I have some blogging friends but I still need lots of help, lol! Please email me and let me know what all you are thinking – I would really appreciate it!
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  2. Lisa,

    I am so sorry for the delay. I was waiting for an answer to something before I posted.

    I am so excited you want to do this too. I am going to love having a teammate!

    I will definitely email you my plans as soon as Corbett makes his next move. I’ll be posting them also.

    Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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    • Jim,

      Let’s call it a “strategy”. LOL.

      I wouldn’t call it a Ponzi scheme, he is not asking anyone for anything….yet. I know many, many people will be disappointed in their own results. I mean, Corbett is pretty famous in the blogging world. If he builds something people will come, and he will make money. And when he does any project people follow. Which leads me to believe at some point he will sell something to his readers, like an eBook or a theme. Nothing wrong with “I help you, you buy something from me, if you like.”

      I’m curious, why would you think it is a Ponzi Scheme?

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  3. First of all, if I have 10 comments here do I get a medal by my name? Secondly, Jessica is not going to have such a big smile on her face when she realizes I am the only one who has won a car so far….just sayin’……

    I’m guessing the million dollar gig will probably require some work; I don’t know if I can do a blogging schedule, sounds like heavy lifting to me. Can I be like that squirrel who didn’t gather the nuts for the winter and had to freeload off everyone else; can I hang with you then?

    Good luck on this journey. Hubby will be so happy if you are knocking down $100 large each yr.
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    • Thanks Bill,

      You and your car. Are you enjoying your 1984 Yugo? I am so glad you took that off my hands! It had been taking up so much room in our garage.

      Well, I try to steal your readers, might as well take some of my work for your own. I would say that is a good trade off.

      I hope someday I make $100,000 a year. Near impossible but I would settle right now for $5000, lol.

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  4. Hi Allie,

    IMHO it’s like a pyramid. Corbett comes away with a million dollars or more and all of the people who are beneath him who are doing the hard work for him are lucky to come away with anything. I doubt he is doing this to help others, he found a way to line his pockets, although I don’t really know him so I could be way off base but it doesn’t smell right to me. It seems like all of these so called Guru’s come up with these fantastic money making ideas and sell it as way for their followers to make money and some may but the majority don’t. It just kind of rubs me the wrong way.

    Jim F

    • Jim,

      I don’t know if they are doing the hard work for him. But I do know he will gain popularity in this. Which leads to more sales. People trust him a lot.

      It doesn’t feel like a scheme to me but more of a strategy and many times it works.

      I’m hoping he helps me see things different. What the hell, this is all free. I just spend time on it. He’ll sell stuff, not sure if I will buy.

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  5. I had an idea for a new blog this morning. I even had a name for it. I wasn’t sure how to monetize it though. The commitment is the thing stopping me. I have a lot going on as it is. I’m still not quite understanding this project and what’s in it for me. But I’ll pay it some attention. See what happens.
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  6. Alison,

    Wait…wait wait wait a minute. This summer you were cutting back. Now you are starting something new? I’m just busting your..(you know.) LOL.

    I’m not discouraging you, I just feel we are close enough at this time for me to remind you. If you choose to go forward, of course I would back you and help you.

    We’ll Skype this week.

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  7. Hey Allie, I see some people are kind of skeptical about the project. I’m here to just share my thoughts and experiences.

    First of all if you want to see pyramid schemes look up how to make money online and then you’ll run into all of them or just go to warriorforum or and you’ll find them all.

    Corbett Barr, Pat Flynn, Ramit Sethi, and a bunch of other people I’ve been reading have taught me the most valuable information when it comes to marketing online for FREE and I’ve bought some skeptical products just to review them and see what their scheme was.

    I’m not here to defend anybody, I just wanted to give people information so they can make their judgements for themselves and make an educated decision. Most pyramid schemes actually require you to put money up front, I haven’t been sold one thing by the MDBP and I thought anything he’ll promote, will be something you already had to buy, like hosting, or domain name registration.

    If there’s anybody you can trust on the web is Corbett, like I said earlier he’s one of the most trusted people online.

    I can understand Jim Fierce, he’s probably been scammed so many times he believes anything online is a scam. I’m not judging you Jim, I was like that at first when I found online marketing through “cash gifting” I tell ya, that was a scam. And like that one I ran into a few more.

    Good luck to everyone, Allie hope to see you succeed with the project I joined also.
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    • Wilson,

      I was very fortunate. I picked up the “Four Hour Workweek” by Ferriss offline. Loved his ideas. And went online to search for more. I can’t remember how but found Pat Flynn first. I have not turned back. Pat lead to Darren Rowse (who I knew thru photography and not blogging, ha ha) and a few others I completely trust.

      Trust is the key. I will take stuff for free and luckily I can unsubscribe and opt out anytime. If I trust them, I may buy. But if I am going to pay for something I do my research. How long have they been online? Do they have that trust factor? Would I want this person as my neighbor? (LOL) Does it just sound too good to be true?

      I know I can trust Corbett. Bottom line. So he may want to sell something down the way or get commissions off of sales. I just took hundreds of hours of free info that has helped me grow, why not buy something from him, he deserves it. BUT I have the option to not buy.

      The people I trust online are only doing what companies do offline. What are commercials, deals and coupons? A way for you to buy something. You trust enough to buy a product that will help you, tastes good, or looks good on you in return you give them money. Same thing online. You just need to work harder to gain trust and give here.

      Thank you so much. So many people demonize making money online. And, yes, much of it is a scam, unfortunately. Making money online is not a bad thing if everyone benefits. No harm in that.

      And thank you for the luck. I may need it down the line. lol.

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  8. I’ve only been following Think Traffic for a short period of time, but it’s pretty apparent that Corbett believes in openness and accountability. Frankly, I’m loving his million dollar blog project idea.

    I’m planning on signing up and joining in on the fun starting this weekend. I’m happy to see so many other people participating – and glad to have you as an ally. :)

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    • Hey Danielle,

      Yes, that is one reason I really like Corbett. I do know he is a great guy.

      I just looked over there and Think Traffic has 169 participants! That is awesome! That means you not only get to learn from Corbett and his team but all those other people also. I learned that even newbies can teach each other and best of all you can always get different perspectives.

      Good luck with your journey. I’ll look for you over there!

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  9. I was sure I had left a message for this post, Allie. I guess not. I want to do this, but am still recovering from a nasty health setback (haven’t blogged in a week myself *sniffs*) so I don’t know if I should do this as a kick in the pants to get serious about doing what I can do to monetize and market my site, or if I’d be invited trouble. *sighs* Choices, choices. I might just have to come back in a day or two and sign up if I still feel excited about it then. I, for one, love to learn things for free from folks who are experts in their field. ;-)
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    • Katrina,

      I wonder if it went to my lost spam place. Even this comment found it’s way to spam??? I don’t know why. I actually have had people comment twice within 5 minutes of each other, one will get published and the other goes to spam. ????? Sorry.

      It is not too late to participate. They are barely on getting a domain and you already know how to do that. I know you can write good content. So if I could kick you in the butt- I could. LOL.

      The main reason I decided to follow along and participate was because I know this is the best I am going to get and the closest I will get to a Mastermind group for free. And honestly, he could sell it. I believe in Think Traffic that much.

      I think it is a wonderful thing he is doing and great for newbies. And old “pros” like us that need that extra KICK START. :-)

      I hope you do join.

      Get well!!!

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  10. I am also involved in the million dollar blog project. I don’t think there is anything shady about it. The Think Traffic website will benefit hugely from it, I am not going to deny that, however I feel like the information and the accountability that we get in the process will benefit it us too.

    We don’t actually have to buy anything. Corbett has already mentioned that the project should bring in more affiliate money when products are recommended but I assume that there will be no pushy sales pitches. I guess the social pressure of keeping up might cause people to make more purchases of the recommended products though.

    We are not committing to anything though!

    Ramy Khuffash
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  11. Hey Ramy,

    I agree with you. I hate pushy sales, I usually leave right away when all someone wants is to sell something to me, even if I LOVE the product. I have never seen Corbett do this. In all honesty, bloggers won’t make it past 6 months if they push sales. If they want to do pushy sales, they can sell cars. LOL.

    Also, I trust Corbett so much, if he suggested a tool or app I may just buy if I need it and have the money for it.

    Good luck in MDBP. :-)

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    • Chris,

      Trying to build an online presence by yourself is close to impossible. Working with people is a must. I’m glad you know that because I tried to go alone for months and it just doesn’t work.

      Looking forward to seeing you at Think Traffic!

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    • Jason,

      I am still in, just distracted lately. I am so glad you stopped by to remind me.

      I think Corbett is still in the early stages of his launch so there is always time to catch up. I’ll post to my journal soon. Thanks for the reminder. And thanks for stopping by, I’ll keep an eye out for you over there. :-)

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      • Well, in that case, you’re welcome. ;)

        I think most people are distracted during this time of year. Come the 1st we’ll all have our resolutions and we’ll be back on track.
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