Million Dollar Blog Project: You In with Me?

Thinking (and Doing) with Think Traffic

If you are active in the blogging world you already know about Corbett Barr’s Million Dollar Blog Project.  If not, I am here to announce it to you.  It is the buzz right now.  I even joined a great tribe of soon to be millionaires because of it.

Corbett Barr over at the most awesome Think Traffic is launching a blog project.  It is a biggy!  He wants to start a blog from scratch, monetize it and then make $100,000 a year from it.  Too impressive to ignore, if you ask me!

At first I read the post and thought, “That is so great, I wish I could do that.”

I read it again and thought, “Ok, I’ll follow along.”

He wrote a few more posts about his project and I couldn’t help but get sucked into the awesomeness I was reading!  Now I couldn’t resist.  I announced to my husband this morning that I plan on following and implementing what I can right along with Corbett.  I made sure I told my hubby because I know this is a large undertaking and may be more time consuming than my family is used to BUT I really want it.

Who could pass on having a famous and respectable blogger help you along your journey AND all his participants there to help also!!!???  AND, yet another bonus, I have a tribe that is working on it too!

Do It With Me

I know if you are a new blogger this can be very overwhelming. But I am here to help you.  People are talking about “niche sites” vs “authority sites” and “monetizing” and “affiliates”.  If you are new, this can lead you to run away.  None of this is hard, believe me.  I was there just a few months ago.

What will I be doing?  My plan right now is to follow him, take in his guidance and them implement what I can with my existing blog, Ramblings of a WAHM.  But if I know you are interested we can do it together.  If you want to start a new blog, I can help you along the way.  That is definitely a bonus for you!  You have Corbett, all his participants and me!

As he announces more, because he hasn’t started yet, we can develop what we need.  I would love to keep up with you along the way.  So I will think of an easy way to create a Twitter group or forum or just here weekly.

Can you tell I am excited!!? Let’s do this!

Let me know if you are in it with me!

UPDATE: (9/21/11)  Officially register here with Think Traffic and then read more of my posts about my RWAHM Million Dollar Blog Project.