WAHM Challenge: Mom Becomes WAHM and Realizes It’s Not Easy

Today I am back from holiday time with my family.  We celebrated Thanksgiving last week.  My daughter was off school all week, so was my husband and my son started his break on Wednesday.

I need to confess, it is extremely hard to work from home when they are here also.  So I took the time off.  I scheduled a few social media updates on my Facebook Page and my Google Plus account (using Do Share Chrome Extension) and proceeded to leave my computer in my office in order to cook turkey, watch TV and eat.  It was so relaxing and I really enjoyed the time with family and friends.

Why is it so hard to work from home at this time of the year?

Well, I am a writer.  I write my blog posts.  I’m writing a book for Work at Home Moms.  I write my own social media updates.  I write comments on blogs and on social media.  I write guest posts.  I am a writer. And for me,  writing involves lots of thinking, focus and concentration.  Sometimes I am fortunate and writing comes naturally to me.  And other times I struggle, like right now.

In order for me to write I need to be able to think.  And this time of the year, during the holidays, I find it extremely hard to focus my efforts on writing.  I simply cannot think when I also need to shop for Christmas gifts, plan for the holidays, and all the other fun stuff that accompanies this time of the year.  I would rather be shopping and eating my way through December.

November and December (ok, also the summer months) are a challenge for me as a work from home mom.  I wish that were different.  But I feel the path I have taken as a content distributor makes the holidays a challenging time for me.  Frankly, I would like to take December off and resume in January, fresh and full of new ideas for the new year.

WAHM Monday Challenge: Write, Write, Work

WAHM Monday Challenges

Today’s Challenge is actually for me.  I am going to write 3 blog posts this week and schedule them for December and the first week of January.  Since I really don’t feel like working as Christmas approaches but I do owe my readers content, I will get working this week and write, write, write.

Do you find this time of the year or any other time a challenge?  How do you get through it?  Share some of your tips that will help me focus and be able to work.

Also, I would like to know if you would like to write for my blog.  I am always looking for guest posts from my readers.  I especially like work from home success stories, social media tips that have worked for you and any tips and tricks you can share with fellow mompreneurs.

Here are some samples of recent guest posts:

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Leave a comment below or contact me if you would like to write an article for Ramblings of a WAHM.