WAHM Challenge: Mom Becomes WAHM and Realizes It’s Not Easy

Today I am back from holiday time with my family.  We celebrated Thanksgiving last week.  My daughter was off school all week, so was my husband and my son started his break on Wednesday.

I need to confess, it is extremely hard to work from home when they are here also.  So I took the time off.  I scheduled a few social media updates on my Facebook Page and my Google Plus account (using Do Share Chrome Extension) and proceeded to leave my computer in my office in order to cook turkey, watch TV and eat.  It was so relaxing and I really enjoyed the time with family and friends.

Why is it so hard to work from home at this time of the year?

Well, I am a writer.  I write my blog posts.  I’m writing a book for Work at Home Moms.  I write my own social media updates.  I write comments on blogs and on social media.  I write guest posts.  I am a writer. And for me,  writing involves lots of thinking, focus and concentration.  Sometimes I am fortunate and writing comes naturally to me.  And other times I struggle, like right now.

In order for me to write I need to be able to think.  And this time of the year, during the holidays, I find it extremely hard to focus my efforts on writing.  I simply cannot think when I also need to shop for Christmas gifts, plan for the holidays, and all the other fun stuff that accompanies this time of the year.  I would rather be shopping and eating my way through December.

November and December (ok, also the summer months) are a challenge for me as a work from home mom.  I wish that were different.  But I feel the path I have taken as a content distributor makes the holidays a challenging time for me.  Frankly, I would like to take December off and resume in January, fresh and full of new ideas for the new year.

WAHM Monday Challenge: Write, Write, Work

WAHM Monday Challenges

Today’s Challenge is actually for me.  I am going to write 3 blog posts this week and schedule them for December and the first week of January.  Since I really don’t feel like working as Christmas approaches but I do owe my readers content, I will get working this week and write, write, write.

Do you find this time of the year or any other time a challenge?  How do you get through it?  Share some of your tips that will help me focus and be able to work.

Also, I would like to know if you would like to write for my blog.  I am always looking for guest posts from my readers.  I especially like work from home success stories, social media tips that have worked for you and any tips and tricks you can share with fellow mompreneurs.

Here are some samples of recent guest posts:

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Leave a comment below or contact me if you would like to write an article for Ramblings of a WAHM.

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Allie owns and writes Ramblings of a WAHM. She has blogged and been online working her way up since 2010. She loves to help WAHMs find balance between work and family.  Thanks for reading! Check out her awesome Resource Page! Sign up for updates and WAHM Newsletter.

8 Responses to WAHM Challenge: Mom Becomes WAHM and Realizes It’s Not Easy

  1. Hey Allie,

    It’s so funny that you would write this post.

    I’ve struggled with getting posts written and working through the holidays for years. It IS hard to stay focused and concentrate on working when the holidays demand so much of our time. There’s just so much to do that it’s a huge distraction!

    It’s exactly the same for me. If I have a trip coming up, someone visiting or a family crisis, it’s hard to focus and I’m often too anxious to work. Not good :-(

    Unfortunately I don’t have a good remedy for this inability to stay focused when we have so much going on in our lives. But you are on the right track with being persistent. You’re thinking of your readers and giving them what they deserve. That’s an important point not to lose sight of.

    It’s basically what I do too.

    Of course it also helps me to look at the persistence and ambition many of my online friends have. That’s often a big motivator for me to get things done.

    Now get writing and don’t think about all those things going on around you, you can do it! LOL! :-)

    Liz McGee created this awesome post: Tips For Engaging Your Audience Through Social Media That Work Like CrazyMy Profile

    • Liz,

      I sure am glad I am not alone! Lol. You are completely right, I have some amazing online friends and influencers that I see everyday out there “working it” and that includes you! They keep me motivated! And then it is easier to focus.

      I can say, the more I make friends online and network the more motivated I am and the more ambitious I get. It’s a crazy good cycle!

      Thanks a bunch! You helped even without any tips, lol.

      Allie Irish created this awesome post: WAHM Challenge: Mom Becomes WAHM and Realizes It’s Not EasyMy Profile

  2. Of course, I find it hard to do much during the holidays (Usually, I would plan to do more blogging, but in the end, I don’t do any). During holidays, we usually travel somewhere – a one week vacation :D I do know that I probably won’t be able to do much blogging, but I just plan anyways.

    Personally, I find holidays much easier to manage (Over the years, I have managed to do lot of blogging, especially during the summer) since I am a student. During the school year, I have to find time to manage my studies along with blogging.

    For the coming year, I am planning to do all the blog post writing during the weekends. Weeks are dedicated to college and of course, commenting plus social media (about 2-3 hours for that would be enough, I think).

    In the coming years, I will be taking more summer courses (perhaps finish the courses and graduate early?), so the big holiday is gone.

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this, Allie :) Appreciate it!

  3. I feel your pain on this one! I’m a WAHM of a one year old daughter. I’ve had to become a professional multi-tasker because at this point she is with me 24 hours a day, six days a week. Grandma & Grandpa time comes around once a week so mommy & daddy can have date night. As crazy as my days can be, I love every minute of it. In fact I’ve been preparing for this for years. I was a teacher & assistant principal at a middle school for 8 years until “retiring” at the ripe old age of 29, three years ago. I had been maintaining an online business for several years part-time and my part-time profits were surpassing my full-time school paycheck. Eventually I took the plunge and left and I’ve never looked back. I basically shop for a living. I purchase thrift & department store goods & flip them for profit online. I’ve established a successful, credible business presence on both eBay and Amazon. I wake up invigorated and motivated. I am so blessed to be home with my daughter while still maintaining a career as an entrepreneur. I do have a blog that is really just a hobby- I share tips on how to maintain a home business similar to my own. I’d love to create an article for your blog in the future if you’re interested. This is my store address: http://stores.ebay.com/Life-of-Luxury-Fashions and my blog address: http://actlikealadythinklikeaboss.com

    • Brianna,

      I think you hit the nail on the head when you say you wake up invigorated and motivated. Those are the key. In life and what you do, if you don’t feel like that then something may be wrong; something needs to change.

      I LOVE to see moms enjoying life with their families! Yes, life is hectic and crazy but also beautiful. You have surely embraced this lifestyle and that is awesome!

      Allie Irish created this awesome post: WAHM Challenge: Mom Becomes WAHM and Realizes It’s Not EasyMy Profile

  4. Hey Allie,

    I totally get it! Yup, I feel this way around the holidays, the summer or any major event that I have to plan around. I feel like I’m not completely “checked in” when it comes to work stuff because my mind is on all of the personal stuff.

    Generally, I absolutely love writing in my business, but it’s not something I feel like doing during these times. Here’s one thing I’ve found that works for me. I take advantage of other times during the year where I feel invigorated and excited to work–those days where the ideas and the writing are just bubbling out of me and I can’t get to the computer quick enough to write it all down. On those days, I’ll try to write several posts at once. Then I can schedule some for right away and also save some as drafts to be posted at another time. I can look over those drafts later and schedule them for those days/weeks/months when I’m just not into writing.

    I also sometimes schedule some social media posts one to two weeks in advance. I sit down for about an hour and schedule. That way, if I don’t want to interact personally during a certain period of time, at least I’ve scheduled some good things to share with my readers. :)
    Alicia Jay created this awesome post: Getting Started Series Part 3: How to Turn Your Skills Into Services in Your VA BusinessMy Profile

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