My CLEAN Office: What Does It Have to Do With Trust?

I am so proud of myself.

I not only deep cleaned my office but I also made a video of it! Yep, you get a glimpse of my life, right here, right now, all 7 minutes and 36 seconds of it!  Are you as excited about it as I am?

I joke about my office being clean but I know how important not only a work space is to my WAHM efforts but having a CLEAN work space is very important also.  I don’t know about you but I hate clutter; I just can’t think when there is stuff laying around.  I am by no means a “neat freak” but I need to know everything has a place.

Your Work Space

My blogging space shares office property with my personal space so I must have spots for each.  Each of these aspects in my life are important and deserve their own section.  I have a space for my business, personal bills, the kids’ school work, laundry, my hobbies and even my pens and paper.  This way I know when I come and sit down I can simply reach over to start whatever is on my agenda for the hour or day.  Have you set aside spots for what is important to you?  Even a simple spot where you go to unwind with the newspaper and a coffee?  YOUR spot to get work done?

Office and Trust? Huh?

You’re probably wondering what my clean office and trust have to do with each other?  Well, just recently I realized how important trust is to online relationships.  Your relationships with the people you interact with online is vital to the longevity and success of your blog.  They are the ones that support you and vice versa.  The backbone of any great relationship is trust.  You gain trust by letting people in, right? Well, I am letting you into my home, my office, my space.  You get a quick peek at my life through my office/mom space.

I love it when my favorite business bloggers show a glimpse of their world.  I know many bloggers who will boast about the fact that they love their children and will post photos every so often.  That they are excited about the girls trip they are taking to Mexico.  That the car broke down and now she is now behind on posting because she spent the day at the car shop.  They just got married.  Engaged.  Had a baby. Bought a new car.  Or simply had a great day in the city with a date.  Simple peeks into their lives show me they are real people living real lives.  This is what creates trust.  Why? This is stuff that is hard to fake.

You do not need to do this.  Many bloggers keep their business completely separate from personal life.  There are other ways to gain trust in your readers.  Like great content.  Continuity in posting, commenting or projects.  Following up with what they promised.  I’m sure you can think of many ways to trust a business blog.

I, on the other hand, am a WAHM which stands for “Work at Home Mom”.  “Mom” being the key word.  I will share some of my life with you here and there.  I also plan to stick with great content, continuity and the such.

Ok, enough talk about having your own work space and being sure to gain trust in your readers.  Without further delay:

My CLEAN Office

If you cannot view the video click here to see it.

Books in the video:

Problogger: Secrets to Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income by Darren Rowse

The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

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Allie owns and writes Ramblings of a WAHM. She has blogged and been online working her way up since 2010. She loves to help WAHMs find balance between work and family.  Thanks for reading! Check out her awesome Resource Page! Sign up for updates and WAHM Newsletter.

27 Responses to My CLEAN Office: What Does It Have to Do With Trust?

  1. Hey Allie, it looks neat!!! Love to see your space :-)
    I had some problems with the sound though, it was a bit low. Do you know what that can be? Could just be me / my laptop sound, my machine is a hard breather!!

    • Alison,

      I don’t think it is self absorbed. I always try to blog like I’m talking to friends and I am assuming friends would want to know about each other’s lives. No biggy. This one was a little self absorbed, pat on the back sorta deal because that room is rarely clean and I DID IT! Finally. LOL.

      I have a candle warmer that pretends to be a beverage warmer. I like my coffee hot and I drink it slowly. I got it at Bed, Bath and Beyond for about $10 about a year and a half ago. Best tool I have.

      BTW, great post today! My son is hitting the age where I just don’t understand him. Hell, I think he doesn’t understand himself. I actually got put the book on hold from the library but if I like it, I’ll go buy it thru you. TY!

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  2. Hi Allie,

    Congrats on your orderliness! My living space is generally referred to as a museum….so you know what I think about cleanliness and order.

    The 2 go hand in hand. Mental chaos leads to physical clutter, physical clutter creates more mental clutter. This leads to chaos. Order is heaven’s first law. Believe that statement, live by it, and your effectiveness as a home based entrepreneur skyrockets, as your environment becomes neat and orderly. Less mental chaos, more order, more logical planning and better results. All because you cleaned up your space.


    Ryan Biddulph created this awesome post: How to Turn Someone into a Powerful Home Based Business LeaderMy Profile

    • Ryan,

      It is funny that mental chaos is related to physical chaos. We see that in shows that feature hoarders and the such. I know that is an extreme example, but their lives are out of control and it shows in their personal space. I feel so bad for the people they feature but the fact is when they clean their spaces, it frees their minds to make better choices. On a smaller level that is how I feel about my work space. Open, clean space helps me to simply think, not just about work but about personal goals and efforts also.

      My bottom line, I can’t work with “stuff” around. It can be a little dusty or “lived in” but it all needs its place, just like in my head.

      Allie created this awesome post: My CLEAN Office: What Does It Have to Do With Trust?My Profile

  3. You’re office is a lot neater than mine… But at least you have a separate room for yours. I used to, but the toddler took it over, then later it became a play room. Still have my printer in there, but otherwise, my “office” is now a corner of the living room.

    Thanks for sharing your office space with us! And cute dog!
    Grady Pruitt created this awesome post: How to Have Good Parenting SkillsMy Profile

    • Grady,

      I am fortunate, my kids are older and I shoved all their stuff in their own rooms. But they don’t have all the toys anymore, mostly smaller gadgets and such. My office is still the catch all for family stuff, but I made sure I had my corner.

      I think many people with kids get that corner in the kitchen or living room. I have been there when we lived in a smaller home. But I needed that to be. My kids were toddlers and I needed to watch them constantly. When we bought our home we are in now my kids were slightly older so the need to watch them wasn’t as high. SO I grabbed the opportunity to have my space. I felt selfish but I now realize I needed it for sanity, lol.

      Thanks for the comment on Maggy. She’s a lump but she is cute, I’ll admit. She’s a hunting breed so she has just 2 modes: LUMP and BIRD!!

      Allie created this awesome post: Internet Friendship and Trust My Profile

      • The toddler thing is a part of why my office is in the living room :D Though I would like to have a bigger house someday to be able to have my own office space.

        Dogs are a lot of fun. I have a 13 year old mutt and a 4 year old chihuahua. They make things interesting, to say the least.
        Grady Pruitt created this awesome post: How to Have Good Parenting SkillsMy Profile

  4. How appropriate it is to share a video in a post about trust. Hearing who is talking to us and seeing a glimpse of their lives really helps us get to know you and feel a connection.

    I’ve thought about doing a similar thing where I would do a tour of our office. At first it was mostly going to be a tool we could add to our jobs page, but I think it could also help with establishing trust for us as an online company as well.

    Thanks for the ideas.

    Bryce Christiansen created this awesome post: Colossal Lessons From Roman RelicsMy Profile

  5. Bryce,

    Every so often I get the bug to make a video or 2. I just do it because they are fun or to demonstrate something that would simply be too long for a written post. I never really thought about the connection between trust and the videos until recently.

    Some of my favorite bloggers post videos or podcasts and I love it! As a matter of fact, Pat Flynn did a podcast recently where he featured his toddler son for a about a minutes and it was so funny and cute! Most likely his son happen to walk into the room at the time so Pat put him on. It made me laugh. But most of all, it made me realize Pat is just a dad too and that rocks!

    Make that video. There are fun and can really get your readers more involved.

    Allie created this awesome post: Internet Friendship and Trust My Profile

  6. Well, let’s see if ‘comments’ are allowed now that it is October.

    That was kind of cool to see your office space. If you have a chance to drop by my Monday post I linked an office photo w/ me in it (of course) but it’s not quite as neat as your place.

    Maybe you can crochet your next prize for the top commentor………just sayin’……..

    Hope all has been well, haven’t talked with you in awhile.
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  7. Allie, I enjoyed your post. It’s amazing how video can help you connect with your audience. I haven’t done a video yet for my site, but it seems like such a great idea. Trust is so important and video is another outlet for readers to connect with you and build trust.

    Thanks for sharing, and nice clean office!


  8. Scott,

    I love making the videos and should do more. People like to just kick back and watch them sometimes, instead of reading. And they get to hear or see me, which solidifies that I am a real person.

    YOu should get a video up. Even if it is just an intro to your blog or you. Your readers will love it!

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  9. I absolutely loved that video, Allie! Coincidentally, I was browsing YouTube the day that you posted it and watched it right away. =) You’re right that the glimpse into your personal life and space helped me feel closer to you and that this is exactly the reason why sharing tidbits of information about ourselves helps! I remember chatting with you about whether it would be okay to post about non-Peru-related things on my blog because I was thinking about sharing information about myself in award posts, but just as you advised me, these posts were so useful! In fact, they were my most popular posts! =) Right now, I’m amidst revamping my About page too. I hate that it’s so business-focused and I want people to know me better. =) Thanks for sharing this about you, Allie! Hugs!
    Samantha Bangayan created this awesome post: Tourism in Huancayo: 4 Reasons You Should VisitMy Profile

  10. Samantha,

    Thank you so much for for watching the video!!

    I remember the conversation. Getting to know the person writing a blog helps the readers get a better perspective of the subject matter. When we get to know you, we then can relate just a little more to the culture and people of Huancayo. Your blog is not just a tourist brochure, it is a real person living there and her take on it. You do a great job.

    Allie created this awesome post: MDBP: Blog Domain Name and Site SetupMy Profile

  11. This is clean! If I showed you the picture of my table; all you would see is yellow post its and coffee mugs and lot of paper with loads of scribbled to do lists. I don’t know why; my room and all are very neatly arranged; no messy things, every thing right where it should belong and all but my work table is always a different story!

    Congrats on getting all that cleaned up! It looks shiny! :)
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