Problogger Virtual Training Event: Build a Bigger and Better Blog

Conference Over

The conference is over.  Check out my Resource Page for more.


I have been an avid fan, reader but most importantly student of Darren Rowse since sometime around 2006.  Yes, I wasn’t blogging at Ramblings of a WAHM back then but I was part of the blogging community with a personal “green” blog I had for a while.

Don’t know who Darren Rowse is?  He is Mr. Problogger himself.  THE go to guy for blogging and making money blogging.  I own and use all his blogging references often and now he has a Virtual Training!

I was so excited to receive the email from Darren about this awesome virtual event.  The actual event is going to take place in Australia (and is sold out), so you are not just watching a bunch of webinars (boring), you would actually be seeing someone speaking and teaching on stage.  And then you get to keep all the notes!  (I love when they do that!)

So what is the event all about?  To put it in Darren’s words you

will experience over 30 hours of inspiration and training on how to build bigger, better and more profitable blogs from some of the best in the business.

Some of the best in the business include:

Problogger Training EventDarren Rowse Problogger

Amy Porterfield Facebook Expert (I have purchased and used her Facebook Promoted Posts webinar…awesome!)

Tsh Oxenreider Simple Mom Which mom hasn’t heard of this site?

Katrina Spirninger SAHM and Blogger extraordinaire at The Organised  Housewife

Nicole Avery Planning with Kids

And so many more!

That is quite the list of amazing bloggers and social media experts!!!

Let me tell ya.  As I mentioned above, I just bought, watched and learned so much from just Amy Porterfield’s Facebook workshop and that was just 1 hour long for $147.  Can you imagine 30 hours of learning from some of the best in the business? And for less than double that.

“Attending this event virtually is perfect if you’re a blogger wanting to build a profitable blog. You’ll hear about a variety of strategies for monetizing, working with brands and advertisers, creating eBooks to sell, sponsored posts and much more!”

This virtual event is $249.99 (Why Darren didn’t just say $250, you got me. Lol)  Save the dates now, September 12-13, 2013.

You also get audio recording of all 31 sessions, the keynotes and workshops.  You get to be part of a Q&A with Darren Rowse.

I can just keep going but if you really want to know the details just click the virtual events link or image below.

Problogger Virtual Training Event

Don’t worry, the page you are taken to is just an informational page, no purchase, email or first born handed over necessary.

P.S. To get an idea of what you get, check out the audio keynote of Darren from the 2012 event.

(Disclosure: The links in the post are affiliate links, I get a commission if you register.)