Step by Step Blogging #6: Email List Building: Harness the Love

List building for new bloggers

I have been writing about getting your blog started and some tips to go along with the series.  Today, for me, is the hardest part of blogging–the email list.

I now know the power an email list can bring.  There is nothing wrong with asking the people that told you, “yes, send me more about you, your business and your blog to my inbox”, a favor.  They like you and your content, that is why they want to hear from you more often that just what you post.  These are the people that believe in your product.  Harness that Love.

What can you do with an email list?

1. News.

Send your readers any news.  Any.  You have new posts, new ebook or you’re going to create a new series soon.  Give them early bird discounts on your new ebook or product for being loyal readers.

2. Ask your customers and readers.

Ask them to review your latest project.  Ask to take a poll a few weeks prior.  Ask for guest writers.  Or ask them to tweet your latest post if they like it.  These are your most loyal customers and readers, they love what you do and are willing to help.

3. Keeping in touch.

This is easy.  Sometimes people get caught up in life and forget to visit your blog, remind them you exist and the awesome content they can get.  Send out a newsletter every so often to let them know what is going on with your blog, your company and your industry.

4.  Encouragement.

If you are a self help blog, send inspiration.  If you are how-to, offer tips exclusive to your email readers.

5. Discounts, sales and announcements of new products.

Your readers and customers want to know what is new this season or what great discounts are coming for their loyalty.  Let them know you love them for being on your newsletter list by sending discounts and sales.


  • Simple text is best when sending out newsletters.
  • But if you choose to go big, keep the template close to or the same template as your blog.  This way you are sticking with your brand across all your platforms.
  • You will need a physical address per anti-spamming laws in the U.S. (Your email servicer should address this, if not, I’d go somewhere else.)
  • Always have your name, a link to your site, a way to opt out and a “reply to” email address.
  • Give yourself time to learn the ins and outs of email lists.
  • Make it personal.  Don’t always look like you are asking for favors or trying to get subscribers to buy something. Actually care about your readers.  Give them pointers and tips.  Wish them happy holidays or happy birthday.
  • Offer something. Discounts.  Free stuff.  Special links only for them.

For further reading and amazing advice check out:

Smart Passive Income: Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Newsletter

Traffic Generation: How to Build a List “The point of the email isn’t to sell, it’s to get that next action.”

Take the plunge, get an email list started today.  Give to your readers and they will soon give back.

A great start but limits you–> If you are on a budget Mail Chimp is a great start.  It’s free, with the first 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month. (This changes often so check with MailChimp for latest limits.)

After having MailChimp for over a year I decided to switch to Aweber.  I cannot believe the simplicity and power of Aweber.  If you are serious about your business I would head straight to them and don’t look back.

And then grab my WAHM newsletter for your inbox.  I promise to send you some love.

Do you have a List?  What special things do you do for your readers? Any tips on building your list?

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