Sticky Blogging: Helping Your Readers Feel At Home on Your Blog

Sticky Blog That Feels Like Home
Sticky Blog That Feels Like Home

You have Great Content and Amazing Traffic, But Nobody is Sticking Around, WHY?

A friend of mine asked me recently on Facebook: ”how to get readers to your blog and keep them there– i.e., how to make them feel at home.”

My friend has a great site.  She has a lot of traffic and great content but she is having trouble getting people to simply stick around and make them feel at home.  So I scoured my favorite blogs to find out some ways she could get sticky readers or basically reduce her blog’s bounce rate.

In my recent experiences I have noticed the more I write content my readers want with a combination letting my readers know more about me and my blog, the more engaged they are on my here.  This has prompted me to create my Marketing Strategy which is a combination of great content and engagement on my blog and everywhere else I frequent.

How do you get sticky readers? 

Start off by analyze top bloggers in your niche.

Darren Rowse in 31 Days to a Better Blog, Day 4, talks about hanging out at top blogs in your niche. These blogs are at the top of their game and get a lot of engagement in comments and social media.  What are they doing right?  Just watch.  What strategies do they use?  What tips can you gain?  What is missing that you would want on your blog?

Now mimic.  Test for a month.  Analyze.  Change what is needed.

Get people to click more.

Clicking more often within your site not only keeps them on your site but as they look around they get to know your blog and you.

Be sure to have areas such as an About Me, Categories, Recent Posts and Most Popular Posts.  Entice people to stay on your blog.

Day 8, Interlink Your Old Blog Posts: 31 Days to a Better Blog by ProBlogger

The 3 Hottest Areas on Your Blog and How to Use Them Best

Blog Traffic – Is Your Blog Sticky and Promoting Your Posts Effortlessly?

I have been using Pretty Link Pro for a while to help me effortlessly showcase my About Me and Newsletter links.  I simply enter keywords into the plugin software, it finds them throughout my blog and links them to the posts I want, automatically.  It can be used for any post you like, this way popular posts can automatically get linked as you publish.

Get readers to engage on your blog.

Your blog is a community that includes you and your readers.  Talk to people, answer their comments.  Welcome them.  (When you create a welcome page be sure to place it in prime blog property for everyone to see, i.e above the fold.)

Ask readers questions.  Write your story about your experiences.  Leave out information, and then readers will feel the need to add their own content in the comment section.

Build a Community

5 Tips for Building An Online Community

Engage outside your blog.

Social media, other blogs and forums are great places to start showing off your expertise and personality.  Sometimes simply being around often and writing what you think can help people to see your personality and may be attracted to check out your blog.  You don’t need to give any personal details, simple conversation on a topic can show what you are thinking.

Visit other blogs like yours or where your readers hang out and comment often.

Talk to people on Twitter or Facebook.

How I Comment, showing them a bit of your personality.

Finally, Keep Them Coming Back

The impression you made on your readers will keep them coming back.  They will find your content interesting and they feel they know you.

But there is more to blogging.  Your blog itself can bring people back.  What you place where counts.  You want to be sure your readers can contact you whenever they need to.  They like your blog and they will want to also know you in Social Media.  So be sure to place these links/images in obvious places.

Design Chapter, MomComm Blog Critique Workbook

3 Ways To Convert Visitors To Subscribers And Reduce Your Blog’s Bounce Rate

This is a lot to swallow.  Start slow, maybe one factor a week to see what is working or not.

Feed Back

What have you done to help make your blog sticky?

Do you make people feel at home? How?

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Allie owns and writes Ramblings of a WAHM. She has blogged and been online working her way up since 2010. She loves to help WAHMs find balance between work and family.  Thanks for reading! Check out her awesome Resource Page! Sign up for updates and WAHM Newsletter.

17 Responses to Sticky Blogging: Helping Your Readers Feel At Home on Your Blog

  1. I have this system on my site if you click on it, it takes about 7 clicks to leave unless you comment; and then it only takes 2. I know people get ticked off, but they are more apt to comment than keep clicking away.

    I don’t think I really have a niche.

    My ‘about me’ page is the biggest thing on my site; I loaded it up w/ a bunch more sayings about how great I am and a lot more pics of me, and I’ve offered to sell them. Oh, I would certainly autograph them for a small extra cost……

    I think your suggestions certainly have merit but unfortunately for me, it looked like some work was involved as well. That tends to make me shy away…….

    Thanks for sharing this, all kidding aside it sounds like a road map to a site that is sticky as honey.

    I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.
    Bill Dorman created this awesome post: Life in the social media bubble, is it realMy Profile

  2. Hi Allie,

    I think videos and photos are a great way to interact with vistors and get them to leave comments, because in the videos you can have a call to action in it, i.e. asking them kindly to leave a comment below, or to share and like the videos with their friends and family. Additonally, I have noticed that a some bloggers offer free ebooks with no sign up, and it’s usually an ebook about their journey of from zero to hero, thus visitors get inspired and will want to follow them and see what they are doing.

    Hope you are well

    Nigel Yip created this awesome post: LWS 9 – Facebook Fan Page FanaticsMy Profile

  3. Nigel,

    I love the idea of just a straight up ebook to give away. It shows you are genuine and kind. You have definitely got me wondering about that being my next move.

    My video posts get great reception from my readers, they love to see or hear me. It feels funny, but then I realize if they do the same I like to hear and see them also. And then we become just a little closer.

    Thank you for your great comment!

    Allie created this awesome post: Do You Commit Any of the 7 Deadly Sins of Online Networking?My Profile

  4. Hey Allie, I first saw your comments from Tim Soulo’s Bloggerjet. Then he closed down to redesign is blog. But now, I have found your blog again :). Anyways, fully engaging with your readers is a very important thing to do. Not only readers, but fellow bloggers in your same niche.

    When you say a command, more or likely some will listen to what you said. Maybe a whole bunch of them! They like to see interaction.

    A very Good Post :)

  5. Samuel,

    I know, I really like BloggerJet and Tim is a great guy. Thank you for seeking me out. :-)

    I have learned that lesson recently. It is not just about engaging readers but others in your niche. I am glad you mentioned that. Sometimes I get an even better experience in blogging and social media when I am doing it all with my peers in my niche.

    Thanks for the stopping by.

    Allie created this awesome post: Blogging Success: Failure Is SuccessMy Profile

  6. The top commentator thing is sure making Bill and I stick here for long! ;)

    I don’t really do anything to make them stay.Maybe I should try the linking thing often. Also, I find myself staying longer on blogs when they have little polls on the side. Otherwise if they post nice pics then I might go clickety click..
    Hajra created this awesome post: Will they call you over for a Bloggers Party?My Profile

  7. That’s probably one of the biggest challenges a blogger faces, Allie – how to be good enough for the readers’ to come back because your content is good and not because someone wants a link from your blog.

    As always, the mention is much appreciated, and I love your idea behind this speedlinking post and the links you found to answer the question.
    Ana Hoffman created this awesome post: Aweber ReviewMy Profile

  8. Ana,

    I always think of why I come back to your site. It is because you have given me very valuable content. Plain and simple. There is more, like you answer my comments and you are active and friendly. But mostly it is the content.

    So since I know what keeps me coming back, I figure that has to be what others are doing also, right?


    Allie created this awesome post: Quotes and AkismetMy Profile

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