Taking a WAHM Break: Timers Work Wonders

If you have an iPhone simply use the “alarm” feature to set a daily break timer.

Where did the time go?  I swear it was just 8 am and I was just on Facebook updating my profile for the morning when my timer went off to remind me to “get up and move”.

Yes, I have a timer on my phone to remind me to do some very simple tasks like “take a break” or “get up and move.”

Why would I have a timer like this?

For many reasons.

I get too engrossed in my work.

I think we are all guilty of this.  We simply loose time.  Sure, you are being productive but you also need to give your brain and body a break.  It has been proven that taking breaks throughout the day are beneficial to your well being mentally and physically.

I’m on one task for too long.

Just like the idea above, I lose track of time when I am on one task.  I can spend hours on Facebook and think it was just 1 hour.  This is bad.  So when I am on social media I set a time limit.  Maybe 1 hour to mingle and post and then I need to move on.

Timers are really beneficial when my kids are home on vacations. 

They are older now, 14 and 12, so they tend to do their own thing at home, usually just in their rooms.  Frankly, this is a great opportunity for me to work and work and work.  But I don’t.  I set a timer to remind me when to stop work so I can interact with my kids.  Usually I have an alarm reminding me to pick them up from school so on vacation days I use this same one to remind me to go talk to them or be with my family.

Simply take a break.

Breaks are very beneficial to your mental and physical well being.  The timer I set in the image above is for me to actually get up and move.  I move about while the song plays.  This gives me energy and refreshes my mind.

Start right now.

This moment, set a timer for 10 minutes and go do something.  Watch a funny video.  Take a walk.  Have an apple.  Step away from work and take a break.

Let me now below if you think it helped you be energized and a more efficient WAHM.

Timers you can use.

On your phone.

Kitchen timers.

Online timers.

Do you use timers? 

Do you take regular breaks or switch tasks often?