TTMDBP: Choosing a Topic for Your Blog


Progress should be your goal, not perfection.”-Corbett Barr

How to Choose the Perfect Topic for Your Next Blog

The first step to creating an authority blog is to pick a topic.  Easy, right?  Not so much.  Sure you have a passion for what you want to write about.  But that is just the beginning.

Here are a few things to consider before picking your topic and creating a domain name:

  • Is there a niche for it?  Will people be interested in what you are blogging about?
  • How much competition is there?
  • How established is the competition?  Are they new like you?  Or have they blogged about the subject for years?
  • Can you continue to write consistently on this topic?  Do you have enough content to keep your blog going?
  • Are you willing to write daily, weekly or even monthly on the same subject?
  • Are you able to make your content special, unique and/or useful?

The first task for the Million Dollar Blog Project was to pick a topic.

I knew my blog topic from the first day.  I wanted to blog about my journey to create an income online.

But wait one minute!  What?!!  That topic is already covered by millions of others around the world?

When I did my research over a year ago, I knew I wanted to write about my journey.  I am glad I researched how to pick a topic because you can’t just jump in.  Why? Most likely the market is already flooded with the topic you want to write about.  So what to do?  I narrowed it down as much as I could.  I decided that my blog would be MY Journey into online income as a mom.  Basically I was attempting to be a WAHM (work at home mom) online.

For the first few months I felt lost.  I started a blog, now what do I do?  Corbett tells us to just get started.  He is right.  Learn how to start that blog and aim towards progress, not perfection.  If you aim for perfection, you will never get your feet off the ground.  Perfection can be paralyzing, especially if you are trying to be perfect in public.  Face it, your blog will not be great right out of the box.  And you will change it often as you learn.  Aim towards doing the research and getting started.

So where to begin?  You choose a topic. (From MDBP)

1. Write down your goals.  (Mine are below.)

  • Follow my progress into working from home as a mom (WAHM) online, and my blog is the center of this journey.
  • Help people do the same
  • Monetize my blog

2. Make a list of topics.

This is where I already knew what I wanted to write about so I didn’t explore any more topics.  Frankly speaking, I like other topics but I feel I didn’t know enough about them to keep a blog alive.  AND I wasn’t sure they were exciting enough for me to write about and keep my own interest.

Here are some topics I was exploring a year ago:

  • Crocheting. I enjoy crocheting in the winter.  I’m not good at it but it is something I learned as a kid.  There are so many crochet blogs out there.  And I wanted something a little more exciting.  I don’t know if I could write about stitches over and over.
  • My life.  I did my research on this one and all it took was 3 minutes to know that there are so many “mommy bloggers” already talking about their mom lives.  Not to mention my husband would be very angry if I wrote about him.  I’m pretty sure my son would be also.
  • The trips and small journeys I take through out the year with family and friends.  This is actually a good topic.  But I am not a very good imaginative write; I just can’t get what I see and feel into words very well.  I was also worried I would run out of content after a while.

 3. Review your list of topics against your goals.

I wanted to teach people what I knew.  I was not an expert at anything.  So I figured I would become an expert or respected member of a certain group they could read about my journey and learn from me at the same time.

The only topic I felt comfortable with was starting out small and growing as a WAHM.

4. Make a short list of 3-10 favorite topics.

I already started with a very short list.  Maybe this was not good.  I can go back into my notes and see that I was brainstorming back then but nothing popped out as much as my journey.  It was like I was on a mission; determined to make this work.  I knew the odds were against me.

I wonder at times if I would have done things different if I had gone through something like the Million Dollar Blog Project or a Mastermind group.  If you are just starting out, I think you have a great advantage to have Think Traffic (and me) guide you through this sometimes confusing quest you are about to embark on.

“Just do your best to choose something with room to grow.” -Corbett Barr


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For more help go to Think Traffic’s MDBP posts.  You can also find more info in my Step by Step Blogging Series.