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What I’ve Done:

I remember picking my domain name.  I wanted it to reflect who I was but not have my name.  I wanted it to show what my blog was going to be about without being too blatantly in your face about it.  I tend to “ramble” about the Internet and I was an aspiring “work at home mom”.  So I came up with Ramblings of a WAHM.  My domain name was born.

I soon realized it was sort of a bad choice.

  1. Don’t use acronyms because not everyone knows and recognizes them.  But I figured if you were a mom looking to work from home you would know this acronym.
  2. It is long.  It has 19 letters.  That is not horrible but Corbett says in his latest MDBP to stick to about 12.  Basically, the shorter the better.
  3. Avoid fillers type words like “and”, “if”, “for” and “of”.  I know this to be true of permalink slugs and it seems to ring true for domain names also.

For a while I was beside myself.  Should I change my domain name?  What if nobody knows what a “WAHM” is?  Will I get no traffic with such a silly name?  But after I got over worrying so much, I just kept it.  I actually really like it.  Plus, I had already started to establish myself as “AllieRambles” everywhere online.  I would have to keep the domain.

What I’ve Learned

I am learning to have a plan.  I did not have a plan when I began blogging and this caused me to waste 4 months on valuable blogging and potential money making opportunities when I began last year.  If I start another blog, I will be sure to write down my goals and find out if there is a market or audience for what I am writing or selling.  Basically, match my goals with what I can give to my readers.

What I Plan To Do

In this stage on MDBP I am just waiting for the next post and task.

I have been exploring the other participants’ sites and journals.  I am also learning how to use Get Clicky, the stat tool Think Traffic wants us to keep track with.

At this stage of the project a new blogger would need to be brainstorming topics to write about, then possibly writing them to save them the official launch of their blog.  Also, thinking about great keywords that would be used in your blog.  And also preparing a plan for social media; will you use Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn?  Any others?

For more details on the Million Dollar Blog Project, Choosing a Domain click the link.  Corbett breaks down in great detail what you should and should not be doing to pick your domain name.  And then he helps you to register, find hosting and get WordPress all set up (video).

And if you still need a little more info I have written a few posts on the topics:

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P.S. This is a journal entry for the Million Dollar Blog Project at Think Traffic. Originally, I was going to keep comments closed in my entries but I decided I want feedback, no, I need feedback.  So comment away.