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The Key Question You Have to Answer to Make Your Blog Stand Out. Think Traffic.

I have found over the last year that there are 2 ways to get people to come back to your blog AFTER you write great content:

1. Be friends with them.  They will feel pressure to come back because friends will support you.

2. Be different.

But being different and being their friend is not enough you must fill your audience’s needs and wants first and foremost.

How do you do this?

“Think about your potential audience…start by imagining the kind of people who might want to read your blog.” ~Corbett Barr

This is the subject of the latest Million Dollar Blog Project at Think Traffic: Making Your Blog Stand Out.

While you are in the process of launching a new blog, explore other blogs in your niche.  Get to know these sites.  What do they offer the audience you want at your blog?  What is missing?  What can you do differently to attract and keep them?  How can you serve your content better?

What I’ve Done

I am not launching a new blog but it is a great idea to review your blogging goals every so often.  Go back with a new eyes and thoughts to blogs in your niche and see what you can do different or better.

I did just that.

I reviewed blogs that use the same subject matter I do and in the same niche.  I found many things I liked, and did not like and wish to do better or different on my blog:

  • Few had a journey or personal touch to their blogs.  That is what I aim for.  I like my blog to be personal.  These blogs were strictly commercial.  I am not.  When someone comments there is not comment back from the author.  I need to comment back, I want my readers to feel welcome.  And I rarely saw someone’s face.  This gives no connection to the reader.  They are speaking to a logo.  I want my readers to see my face.
  • I didn’t see much video.  This is definitely a way to be different and better.
  • Many blogs simply sold stuff to you.  I like to reference resources, free and for purchase.

What I’ve Learned

I learned indirectly that I need to get out more to my own niche to communicate and explore.  There are times I feel a little disconnected from my fellow WAHM’s, personally and professionally.

Corbett also has a list of great questions to ask yourself when figuring out your readers’ needs:

  • What do they need help with?
  • What are they afraid of?
  • Who (and what) do they admire?


What I Plan to Do

I need to explore more ways to be different.  Maybe seek out new avenues people are consuming information.  I know people love video, it is fast and easy to take in.  I also know many are starting to explore podcasts for blogging.  I am not sure this is for me at the moment.

I am considering adding more of my opinion into my posts.  This can sometimes create friction or fervor, not sure if my blog is the platform for that, but it is worth some thought.

Are you offering something different, unique and better to your audience?