Twitter Friendly Post Titles: 3 Quick Lessons for Bloggers

Making Your Blog Post Twitter Worthy

Twitter is awesome.  I love Twitter.  I mean from a blogger stand point.  Really, where would be we be without Twitter?  We would be working the forums and guest posts even harder.  Ok, that might not be such a bad thing.

Honestly, I get a lot of visits from people coming from Twitter.  So I am going to let you in on my secrets.  (Actually, they are not secrets, they are well-known tips that bloggers learn when you have been doing this gig for years.  So when someone says they have a “secret”, call them on it.)

My Secret: I make my posts Twitter friendly.

What does that mean?

Make Titles Twitter Cool

When I write a title for my post I make sure it is only about 80 or less characters long.  That way when someone shares it there is room for my Twitter handle.  (I include my Twitter handle so I know when someone shares my post so I can thank them.)

If you click my share button to the left (go ahead click it, I dare you) a box pops up so you can share it on your Twitter account.  I keep my title way shorter than 140 characters, which is the limit for a tweet.

As you can see from the highlighted number there is still 43 characters left to use.

Another reason to keep it way shorter than 140 characters is the retweet factor.  We all hope our stuff gets shared.  When someone shares something on Twitter and then another person shares that tweet again, it is called a retweet.  Retweets tend to add characters to a tweet.  They can get pretty long.  So you still want your title to be intact.  Keeping it less than 80 characters and you should be ok.

Also, at less than 80 characters you can catch people’s attention better.  The less characters to catch someone’s eye the better.  Long, drawn out titles on Twitter tend to be ignored, that is why Twitter keeps tweets to 140 characters.  They know what they are doing over there at Twitter.

Eye Popping, Mouth Dropping Titles

Boring titles are made by the hundreds every hour of everyday online.  Who wants to read a post title that screams “I didn’t care enough to write a decent title for my post so don’t bother reading any further.”

Change it up.  Make your titles interesting and/or funny.  Make it have a personality.  Have it say something to your target audience.  Make sure it stands out in the Twitter crowd.

What would you rather click on to read more?

“Having Fun with Your Cat”


“Catnip: Can Kitty Find the Fun?”

Post Titles Twitter Friendly
I KNOW you hid the catnip in here!

This is when you need to know what problems and interests your target audience has.  Cat lovers already know how to have fun with their cat.  They know about catnip, but do they know they can have fun hiding catnip?

Another, more controversial way to bring attention to your title in a tweet is to be risky or at the least amusing.

“How to make coffee.”


“Naked Coffee Making in the Kitchen”  (No, you don’t need to be naked, the beans are naked.)

“Making Coffee to Give You a Morning Buzz”

That is not as risky as I have seen but you get my point.

Use Your Keywords

One of the best tricks, er, secrets, bloggers use to get posts noticed on Twitter is to be sure their main keywords are in the first 10-20 characters of the post.

“Coffee: Making the Elixir of the Gods”

The keywords there are “coffee” and “making”, the rest is just fluff.  But the first few words tell the reader what the post is about.

I tend to use my keywords often in the beginning of a post:

The WAHM Affiliate: 2 Simple Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

Set Up Your Site in a Week’s Worth of Naptimes

Creating Niche Sites: Online WAHM Opportunity

You do not need to do this with every post.  For one, your readers would get bored with your title structure.  And two, not every post needs attention on Twitter.  We would like it that way but face it, not every post we write is a winner.

Do you make your post titles Twitter friendly? 

Do you catch readers’ attention by being risky? Funny? Even controversial?

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19 Responses to Twitter Friendly Post Titles: 3 Quick Lessons for Bloggers

    • Lisa,

      I figured there are like, a kabillion users on Twitter and somehow I need to stick out to at least a few of those. I think a catchy title helps. I have come up with a few good ones but I am always scared to keep them worrying I might offend or scare off readers so i change them. But sometimes I just let them thru. :-)

      That is my mom’s cat, Raja. He is a very, very curious cat. And so friendly. He’s funny!

      Allie created this awesome post: Have Blog, Will Sell: Where to Place Your Affiliate LinksMy Profile

  1. Hey Allie,

    these are great tips – believe it or not I had never thought about the less than 80 characters in the Post title idea – though I’m going to take that as ‘…whenever I can’ as often I think I might need longer titles.

    On the keywords idea, I guess you should be using keywords in your titles anyway, right? Something I’ve been trying to do more of. Not long ago I didn’t even know what keywords I wanted (as you know) but I’m slowly getting there ;-)

    What a vast old world this internet place is…
    Alan | Life’s Too Good created this awesome post: How To Invest In Yourself: 3 Steps to a Better YouMy Profile

  2. I love these tips! I really need to take a “Twitter 101″ course, lol. I use it and I definitely see results when I put the effort on, but all too often I get lazy there and just hit the “Tweet” button without worrying what my title says. But I definitely do get more click-throughs when I go to the trouble to make my tweet catchier.
    Anna created this awesome post: How to Find Social Media Jobs From HomeMy Profile

  3. It is really good to know the ideas you have shared in order to have friendly posts in twitter. People will be able to attract with it easily. Thanks for sharing it.
    TracyAnn0312 created this awesome post: adhd remedyMy Profile

  4. You are SO right Allie… I have one blogging friend whose titles are so long that I have to take some of it out just to fit in the tweet. I know, what in the world is she thinking! She told me I’m trying to get people’s attention but my goodness, they are full sentences.

    I do my test to keep my titles short but I know I also have my moments. I’m still a work in progress when it comes to writing eye catching headlines but I’m getting there, slowly.

    Great examples and ones I’m sure everyone is going to enjoy hearing about. Okay, maybe not everyone since some love those long headlines. Maybe this will be their wake up call.

    Thanks Allie and hope you’re enjoying your day.

    Adrienne created this awesome post: HELP: TweetDeck Has Failed MeMy Profile

    • Adrienne,

      I love Twitter because it is brief and I love brief. Long winded posts and titles make me want to leave sometimes or not click on them. If I don’t know the blogger that well, many times I do.

      Twitter was created on purpose to be short and I think sometimes people forget that their titles and domain extensions need to fit in a tweet if they want to share it there. It’s no biggy if it is long sometimes, I know many self help blogs have long titles. I guess we can just try to shorten then.

      Allie created this awesome post: Video Thursday: It’s An Allie (WAHM) DayMy Profile

  5. Hi Allie,
    I just noticed your post has reached page one on the BizSugar community. Thanks so much for sharing these great tips on how to get more attention with your Twitter account. Mastering Twitter is a really great way to promote your blog. You can head over to BizSugar and take part in the conversation there too. Thanks to Sian Phillips for bringing this post to everyone’s attention and getting it voted to the front page!
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