WAHM Online: Establishing Your Online Hubs

Online WAHM Over the last few weeks I have noticed that my online community of WAHM’s has been growing.  My Facebook page is being followed by savvy mompreneurs.  My blog is growing in traffic.  And my WAHM newsletter is going out to more people every week!  I am so excited!

Why am I excited?  I get to share what I know with you.  That is all I really want to do.

Well, I’m also excited because I get to see who wants to be a part of my circle.  And overwhelmingly, it is moms.  Moms who want to earn money from home like the direct sales consultant, the small business owner from home or the blogger looking to make her blog bigger.  These are the mompreneurs that keep me going.

But I have been seeing a trend with many of them…

Does all this sound familiar?

Many mompreneurs are new to earning online.  And many seem to not know where to start.  I was the same way.  You have this grand idea of starting and running a business online and when you arrive here you are overwhelmed with the plethora of information coming at you.

So you start a blog.  You join communities.  You read books.  You join webinars.  You follow a bunch of Facebook pages. You read blogs and comment on them.  You tweet. You bookmark.  You share.  What you do online can go on and on.

You get so overwhelmed with tasks to learn and do that you are not able to actually grasp hold of what really needs to be done.

I want to tell you that it does not need to be this complicated.  All those people and blogs and webinars and YouTube videos and groups all are looking for your attention.  I don’t blame them.  I want your attention too.

Today I am going to start you on the most simple and logical track I think you should follow.  It’s simple but very powerful.  And starts you off in the right direction.  You’ll have a strong foundation which is you “hub” in which everyone from clients to customers to readers to brands you are seeking will always reference.

Right now it is small and maybe even unimpressive.  But as you find your way online it will grow with you and become a powerful.

The Simple Solution

To start off online you do this:

1. Have a vision of what you are doing.  Make is super simple.

“I want to sell my jewelry online to moms with children.”

“I want to stay home with my kids and build a blog so I can earn with it.”

“I want o sell Body by Vi online to more customers.”

That’s it. Simple.

This will be your business description (aka tagline or elevator pitch) with a few more adjectives and details of course that you place on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and everywhere you make a presence online.

Do this. 

Create and write down your vision.  Don’t worry, I promise, it may evolve over time but for now you have something concrete to build upon.

2. Now.  I assume you want to have an online presence.

Using your simple vision from above start a blog.  Not a free one.  A paid one from WordPress.org.  With a host for your files and everything. And with a great theme.

This blog will talk about one of 2 things:

a. If you have a business it will talk about your business (jewelry, Vi, baby blankets, coffee, etc).


b. If you are building a blog as your business it will focus on what you are passionate about.  My friend Shari is passionate about talking about being a tall woman and wants to communicate to other tall women.  Eventually, as her blog grows, she hopes to work with brands that cater to tall women.  Or Tabitha who loves shopping and wants to share what she finds with the world.  She’s hoping to grow her blog into a business.

Yep. I know many of you are thinking that you don’t need a blog.  Oh but you do!  They are great for creating more sales because people see your expertise.  But they are also great for building your email list.

Find out more about blogging.

3. Start your email list.

Your email list is gold for your business.  It is your most loyal customers and readers.  You can always contact this list without social media or your blog.  You have the best right there in front of you.

So…start your email list. Now. Today.

For free you can start one with Mail Chimp.  I used them for a while but soon migrated to Aweber.  Long story short, I needed to move and I am glad I did.

How do you use your list?  You can send the latest news, coupons, ideas, polls and so much more.

4. Get a Facebook page.  And a Twitter profile.

Notice I only mentioned the two biggest social sites.  Just start there for now.  As you become familiar with all the intricacies of online community and business, you will see what you will need next.

Find more info about Facebook and Twitter.

That’s it, for now.

That is a lot.  You will find you will need to learn to blog, you will need graphics and images, an elevator pitch and taglines, always use disclosures and follow laws.  All that comes in time.  It’s not unlike buying a new home.  You buy the home bare and you upgrade and decorate as you go but you have that shelter and that is prime.

Once you have established these things go out and join forums and groups.  Read more books and watch webinars.  But please establish your foundation first.  When you make contacts out there, online and off, you need to send them someone to communicate with you.  Somewhere they can find out more.  And that is your foundation.