WAHM Online: Establishing Your Online Hubs

Online WAHM Over the last few weeks I have noticed that my online community of WAHM’s has been growing.  My Facebook page is being followed by savvy mompreneurs.  My blog is growing in traffic.  And my WAHM newsletter is going out to more people every week!  I am so excited!

Why am I excited?  I get to share what I know with you.  That is all I really want to do.

Well, I’m also excited because I get to see who wants to be a part of my circle.  And overwhelmingly, it is moms.  Moms who want to earn money from home like the direct sales consultant, the small business owner from home or the blogger looking to make her blog bigger.  These are the mompreneurs that keep me going.

But I have been seeing a trend with many of them…

Does all this sound familiar?

Many mompreneurs are new to earning online.  And many seem to not know where to start.  I was the same way.  You have this grand idea of starting and running a business online and when you arrive here you are overwhelmed with the plethora of information coming at you.

So you start a blog.  You join communities.  You read books.  You join webinars.  You follow a bunch of Facebook pages. You read blogs and comment on them.  You tweet. You bookmark.  You share.  What you do online can go on and on.

You get so overwhelmed with tasks to learn and do that you are not able to actually grasp hold of what really needs to be done.

I want to tell you that it does not need to be this complicated.  All those people and blogs and webinars and YouTube videos and groups all are looking for your attention.  I don’t blame them.  I want your attention too.

Today I am going to start you on the most simple and logical track I think you should follow.  It’s simple but very powerful.  And starts you off in the right direction.  You’ll have a strong foundation which is you “hub” in which everyone from clients to customers to readers to brands you are seeking will always reference.

Right now it is small and maybe even unimpressive.  But as you find your way online it will grow with you and become a powerful.

The Simple Solution

To start off online you do this:

1. Have a vision of what you are doing.  Make is super simple.

“I want to sell my jewelry online to moms with children.”

“I want to stay home with my kids and build a blog so I can earn with it.”

“I want o sell Body by Vi online to more customers.”

That’s it. Simple.

This will be your business description (aka tagline or elevator pitch) with a few more adjectives and details of course that you place on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and everywhere you make a presence online.

Do this. 

Create and write down your vision.  Don’t worry, I promise, it may evolve over time but for now you have something concrete to build upon.

2. Now.  I assume you want to have an online presence.

Using your simple vision from above start a blog.  Not a free one.  A paid one from WordPress.org.  With a host for your files and everything. And with a great theme.

This blog will talk about one of 2 things:

a. If you have a business it will talk about your business (jewelry, Vi, baby blankets, coffee, etc).


b. If you are building a blog as your business it will focus on what you are passionate about.  My friend Shari is passionate about talking about being a tall woman and wants to communicate to other tall women.  Eventually, as her blog grows, she hopes to work with brands that cater to tall women.  Or Tabitha who loves shopping and wants to share what she finds with the world.  She’s hoping to grow her blog into a business.

Yep. I know many of you are thinking that you don’t need a blog.  Oh but you do!  They are great for creating more sales because people see your expertise.  But they are also great for building your email list.

Find out more about blogging.

3. Start your email list.

Your email list is gold for your business.  It is your most loyal customers and readers.  You can always contact this list without social media or your blog.  You have the best right there in front of you.

So…start your email list. Now. Today.

For free you can start one with Mail Chimp.  I used them for a while but soon migrated to Aweber.  Long story short, I needed to move and I am glad I did.

How do you use your list?  You can send the latest news, coupons, ideas, polls and so much more.

4. Get a Facebook page.  And a Twitter profile.

Notice I only mentioned the two biggest social sites.  Just start there for now.  As you become familiar with all the intricacies of online community and business, you will see what you will need next.

Find more info about Facebook and Twitter.

That’s it, for now.

That is a lot.  You will find you will need to learn to blog, you will need graphics and images, an elevator pitch and taglines, always use disclosures and follow laws.  All that comes in time.  It’s not unlike buying a new home.  You buy the home bare and you upgrade and decorate as you go but you have that shelter and that is prime.

Once you have established these things go out and join forums and groups.  Read more books and watch webinars.  But please establish your foundation first.  When you make contacts out there, online and off, you need to send them someone to communicate with you.  Somewhere they can find out more.  And that is your foundation.

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Allie owns and writes Ramblings of a WAHM. She has blogged and been online working her way up since 2010. She loves to help WAHMs find balance between work and family.  Thanks for reading! Check out her awesome Resource Page! Sign up for updates and WAHM Newsletter.

48 Responses to WAHM Online: Establishing Your Online Hubs

  1. As a WAHM, I certainly started my blog in the way you have described. I am hoping to learn more too.

    I like your mission. Helping mothers out is a great idea!!

    • Thanks Lisa,

      All of a sudden it popped into my head. I was going to go on about how some wealthy get what they already want in a house etc, but that is stupid to put here. Most bloggers are regular ole schmoes like us, we don’t have assistants and people we pay to do everything for us. So I left it knowing moms would get it.

      Allie Rambles created this awesome post: WAHM Online: Establishing Your Online HubsMy Profile

  2. Good Morning! I’d like to add a very important tip for all newbies…get together with 2-3 other WAHMs and share an IT consultant. You will absolutely need someone who can get inside the backend of a blog or website and code and enter plugins and do badges, etc. You need forms built to capture emails (as per the tip above), and you need someone who can install and manage these.

    I have learned the hard way from three solid years of blogging and trying different things myself. I can only take it to a certain point, and then WHAM (that stands for OHCRAP), I’m dead in the water.

    You have to ask for help. If you’re like any eager working Mom, you won’t (ahem, I already know this), but save yourself some heart ache and do it already. You’ll get that much farther faster down the road.
    Jayme Soulati created this awesome post: Social Media Presents 50 Shades of WiserMy Profile

    • Jayme,

      I think you and I may be in somewhat of a similar situation, that we both look back and think “WTH was I doing for years?” But I think that is the learning curve. I didn’t really start to network seriously until the last couple of months and have seen such a change in me, my blog and my social media.

      That tip on having the IT consultant is great. But do you think that with WordPress you can do much of that easily? Plugins are a snap to install and the major email servicers have amazing templates for sign up forms. Aweber rocks at creating those templates. I was just wondering and maybe I am spoiled because if I need tech help my husband is an IT guy, lol. So I think many times I take things for granted.

      LMK what you think. :-) Or are you just basically saying to be sure to have IT guy/gal around for stuff you need done and sharing that helps in cost.

      Allie Rambles created this awesome post: WAHM Online: Establishing Your Online HubsMy Profile

  3. You’re right, there’s the learning curve thing and walking the talk and all that, Allie. I’m gonna say this in the nicest of ways; you’re spoiled rotten!!! Are you kidding me? A live-in IT resource?

    As a single mother by choice and solopreneur and professional blogger (kidlet is 11), I am the first person to say I never ask for help. Had I asked sooner for IT help, then I would not have wasted so much time and $$ trying to figure it all out. Here’s a doozy — I tried to install the theme (Headway) on my new blog before I installed WordPress.org. That tell you something?

    IT can get expensive — upwards of $100/hour. If you can share a freelance consultant with other business owners, this is what I recommend. There are way too many things we cannot do or know behind WordPress that involve files on servers, ftp, coding, CSS style sheets, speed of load time for plugins (yes, you can install plugins in 2 minutes, but have you done developer research on a variety of factors we can’t purport to know?).

    Better safe than sorry unless you have the time and gumption to learn and make mistakes and learn more the IT issues that will always be present for an online business.
    Jayme Soulati created this awesome post: Social Customer Service, Ruby Tuesday And Five TipsMy Profile

    • Jayme,

      Well, he doesn’t know too much about WordPress and online stuff but he does know about FTP, servers, software and the such. He’s not a coder but knows his way around a computer very well, it’s his living. He did teach me about FTP, but I rarely use it, maybe for big files or plugins that won’t load through my WP interface.

      And I don’t know CSS stylesheets. I plan on learning.

      I guess it makes sense to just get this all out of the way so you can do the work you love. My problem is that I am cheap and I do love learning all that “geek” stuff. LOL.

      And I never thought of sharing services like IT or any others that are expensive with another blogger. I like that idea! Thanks so much for letting us know!

      I love when people give me new ideas!

      Allie Rambles created this awesome post: WAHM Online: Establishing Your Online HubsMy Profile

  4. What a wonderful outline of what’s needed when starting Allie.

    I’m also very happy to see more Mom’s wanting to go this route and start their own business. They definitely need a blog for building those relationships and that also includes building that list. Very important starting point too.

    Great job here girl and Jayme is right! It takes time and know how but trust me if I can learn how to do all of that, anyone can. Oh yeah!


  5. Hi Allie,

    Nice to see you in our facebook group. I have so many blogs I go to on a weekly basis that I tend to be more regular on the ones that are constantly in front of me either on my facebook groups or on my own blogs.

    I think that still lots of people underestimate the power of the list. Writing down what you want to do and have is, indeed, powerful and it works.

    That a great tip for new entrepreneur moms and anyone else.
    Sylviane Nuccio created this awesome post: How Much Impact Do Your Words Have On Your Children?My Profile

    • Sylviane,

      Thanks! I’ve been there but just missing in action for a while. The group is such a nice group and I miss everybody a lot!

      Isn’t that the truth? I have an RSS feed but I would rather visit and comment on the ones I always see in communities and groups. It helps to keep in touch better and know what everyone is up to.

      Thanks for coming by and I’m sure we will see a lot more of each other.

      Allie Rambles created this awesome post: WAHM Online: Establishing Your Online HubsMy Profile

  6. Hi Allie,

    You have done a great outline of the how-to’s when it comes to start a business on line. There is so much to learn, one needs some guidance when they are new.

    I love mompreneurs! I have a few clients that are starting and it is so wonderful to watch them grow while they can stay home with their children.

    I think this is becoming more and more of a trend in our society and there are so many groups they can join to reinforce themselves.

    I am so happy you wrote this post and will pass it on to my friends, many of whom are moms working from home!

    Donna Merrill
    Donna Merrill created this awesome post: Things Go WrongMy Profile

    • Donna,

      It does seem to be a trend. Many moms have been recently laid off or had hours cut and need to find income. Being online is a logical step. I do worry that many think it will be easy and it is not. It can get down right frustrating. Especially when they first arrive and become so overwhelmed with what to do. I really want to make things easy for them.

      It is great to see moms be successful!! I love to see that they can stay home more and feel fulfilled.

      Thanks a bunch for sharing my post, I hope it does help many moms.

      Allie Rambles created this awesome post: WAHM Online: Establishing Your Online HubsMy Profile

  7. Hi Allie
    There is so much to learn when we first start an online business, you have list the first steps for any moms out there who wish to earn money while at home with their children, plus anyone else just beginning their journey.

    I am glad you say not to use a free platform for a blog but to use wordpress.org it is best to go for this from the beginning, there is so much more you can do with this. Sites like Blogger you are very limited.

    Social Media groups are a great way to connect with others so that is another important tip.
    Thanks for sharing this post which will be very helpful to many.
    Hope you have a great day
    Pauline created this awesome post: How To Funnel Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest Users Onto Your Email ListMy Profile

    • Pauline,

      Thanks a bunch!

      I know many small biz moms just want the ease of Blogger or WP.com for free but I really think they are selling themselves short. Getting your own domain really cements that one is more serious about what they do online and gives so much freedom to do whatever she pleases with her blog. She can write about whatever she wants, have advertisers, contests, giveaways etc…

      I once avoided social media and thought I can just work on SEO to bring in traffic. Well, last year I got dinged by Google and it was bad. So I started to think that SM wasn’t so bad afterall. They compliment each other anyway. The more social you are the more people will share your links, the more backlinks you get from others.

      Allie Rambles created this awesome post: Video: Using BufferApp to QuoteMy Profile

  8. Hey Allie..! Thanks for sharing this lovely blog and great tips for all of us. The way you describe all the things it was awesome.! I am definitely gonna start my blog the way you have describe all things.! Very impressive.!!

  9. Great list, Allie! As a wannabe mompreneur, this is great to keep me on track. I should have known that email lists are important. That’s the one thing I don’t have. Need to work on that. Thanks!
    Sheri created this awesome post: Elle Mayers pantsMy Profile

    • Sheri,

      I totally neglected my email list, well, I consider it my newsletter but same thing. Just in the last couple of months I decided to really take it seriously. I have a small list but I get a great response from it.

      They are you most loyal fans, I always try to give them my best.

      Allie Rambles created this awesome post: Video: Using BufferApp to QuoteMy Profile

    • Lol Annie,

      I think Alan wants to be part of the mompreneur group sometimes, lol. (Let’s see if he reads that.) He’s doing hos dad-preneur thing pretty well! I mean you can’t go for 3 week ski vacations if you are not doing well, right? I am so happy for him.

      And you also. Every time I come by your blog I find something new and exciting! That is so awesome!

      I told Alan and I’ll tell you too, if you have a book or product you are selling or want out there, let me know, I can help spread the word to my mom community.

      Allie Rambles created this awesome post: Video: Using BufferApp to QuoteMy Profile

  10. Congratulations Allie. You have succeeded in motivating the women to make their lives better by doing something throught internet. I am not a woman but I appreciate and absolutely salute with all efforts you have done so far. You are a great model for the women. Actually you also have motivated me to do something value through the internet. Thank you very much for sharing this great topics. I enjoy reading your postings.
    Heru Prasetyono created this awesome post: Mass Income Multiplier-Free Training Webinar Shows How To Make 400.75$ Per Day From Free TrafficMy Profile

    • Wade,

      So many fake “gurus” online have boasted and preached about growing email lists and the “proof is in the list” and the “money is in the list” that I really do believe many bloggers and online entrepreneurs think lists are a scam. It is basically a newsletter in which you keep in contact with your most loyal readers.

      I can start out painfully slow, believe me!

      Allie Rambles created this awesome post: Video: Using BufferApp to QuoteMy Profile

  11. Great tips. Many overlook these basics and quickly give up when it fails. The comparison of the house is perfect – do you stop all remodeling after gutting the place just because one screw didn’t fit right? Blogging is different from a static site in that it grows and changes overtime. I’m so glad that your site is growing so much – congrats!
    TerriAnn @ Cookies & Clogs created this awesome post: Taylor Swift & Kelly Clarkson Are EvilMy Profile

    • Hey TerriAnn,

      I think sometimes moms that want an online presence either try to do it so quickly and take shortcuts or they just don’t know how to do it. In both cases they are missing out on building that foundation. It’s true, you can’t just stop remodeling because of one mishap or things aren’t going to planned. Find a different strategy but always have that foundation to fall back on.

      Thanks for coming by!

      Allie Rambles created this awesome post: Video: Using BufferApp to QuoteMy Profile

  12. Hi Allie, brilliant to see so many entrepreneurial mums (moms!) actively involved on your site. I’ve been following you since the early days (we’re on a similar journey) and it’s amazing how the momentum builds if you stick at it.

    Clarity (as you mention) is key so Keep It simple and NEVER GIVE UP ladies!
    Cassie | Womenswaytowealth created this awesome post: Do You Have A Book In You?My Profile

  13. You know, sometimes I feel that blogging is severely overlooked, given that the many online businesses I encounter tend to take shortcuts with social media. Blogging is an intimate way of gathering and connecting with potential customers, and I don’t get why some businesses tend to forget about it in favor of social marketing.

  14. Hi allie
    Like your are saying having a vision of what you want and where you want to be is so important but as important is the power of positive thinking,and the ability to take a positive and take it as part of the learning curve when things don’t go your way and you feel like throwing it the towel or should I say the computer across the room as long as you have this I think there is a good chance to succeed.

    Great post thanks lee

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