WAHM Round Up Post 8-30-13

Are you on Google Plus yet?

I spent a lot of time on Google Plus this week.  I am really loving it!  There is a different feel over there than, say, Facebook.  Facebook feels social, like I’m talking to my girl friends and laughing at funny mom memes.  I do take Facebook serious for my business but overall there is a more social feel to it and that is fine.

Google Plus for me is different.  I learn at Google Plus.  I network, find mentors and peers there.  I laugh there too but I am finding it to be more professional so far.  For instance, my own personal friends actually refuse to migrate to or start a G+ account.  They say that is just too much.  But businesses and professionals seem to love being there.

I watched and learn from a great video.  I didn’t realize that Google has started to potentially mark our shares to communities as spam.  Spam is such a nightmare term to be labeled as for a business and blogger.  This video really helped me learn how to avoid that.

Have you created a G+ profile?  If so please share it below in the comments so I can place you in my circles.  My profile is really active with funny mom and coffee stuff and also WAHM, business and blogging stuff too!

Allie Irish on Google Plus

This Week on RWAHM

This week we talked about blogging.

Oh, the dreaded “you need a blog for your business” speech.  I think you do and so many more agree with me.  Blogs are pretty easy to run and, hey, don’t you want people to trust and love you?  Blogging can get you more customers and help keep the ones you have.  And if you are really good, it can get the ones that love you to spread the word.

The Blog Scenario to convince you to blog for your business:

Picture publishing a blog post about how easy it was to walk you dog with this new leash you sell.  You tried it out, loved it and then wrote about it.  Then shared that post on Facebook and Twitter.  Your customers didn’t even know this new leash existed so they head over to read all about it.  They love what you wrote so they share your post on their Facebook page.  AND then buy the leash.

Blogging about what you sell with an honest approach can really help business.


Head over to my Monday challenge and take the challenge to come up with 20-30 posts for your blog.

More this week:

Guest Post

I had a wonderful and great company guest post for me this week.  Felix, the tea drinking SEO geek, created a post with some great blogging tips.

And lastly, and it’s a biggy!

Virtual Blog Training

Problogger, you know, Darren Rowse, has a blogging training coming up!  I am so excited!  I am trying to convince my husband that I need to attend (I’m sure he will say yes.)

I don’t know if you have noticed, but I absolutely love and revere Darren Rowse and Pat Flynn, just saying.  Whenever these guys produce something I read it, share it and buy it.

I won’t go into details but the Virtual Blog Training will have something like 31 hours of video, notes and more!  With TOP people in the business.

Check out my post about Problogger’s Virtual Training or head directly to the site.  (I do get a commission but I NEVER promote what I do not believe in, so you are getting quality.)

Check these great articles out:

I’ve already said so much for a Friday.  I’m simply going to link to some awesome posts here that helped me learn more about running my Mom Business this week.

How to Think Strategically By Asking Yourself Questions by Small Biz Trends

I loved this one, just read it this morning!  Get into the mind of your customer with some simple questions to ask yourself.

Winning Customers Through the Word of Pen by Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That

The art of writing notes and letters to your customers to thank them.  Great idea for small party planning types!

Where is the Boundary Between Your Work and Your Life? by Time Management Ninja

This is a particularly hard one for WAHMs, right?  We work at home and it can be hard to separate work and home life.

And best one for this week:

How to Feel Confident About Sharing Your Knowledge by Momcomm

This one can be a toughy.  I asked you to take the challenge and create a blog.  But sometimes I think the reason we don’t is we are too shy to share what we know.  We need to get over this and take charge, be confident and own what you know.

Where to Find Me:

As always to can find me on my WAHM Facebook Page, AllieRambles on Twitter and Google Plus.

Have a great weekend!