WAHM Roundup Post 9-6-2013

My Scottish Roots

I’m going to confess, I didn’t do much this week. I wasn’t being lazy, just super busy offline, with legitimate stuff.

My mom came to visit from Friday to Tuesday.  I don’t see her that often so we stayed up just a little later and ate just a little more.  You wouldn’t think one women would tire you out so much ( I’m sure most husband would disagree with that statement. )

We went to the Scottish Games here in the Bay Area, what a great group of people!  She just found out, thank you Ancestry.com, that her great, great grandma is Scottish.  So we were on a mission to find the McFarland Clan.  We did and they offered us whiskey and stories.  We watched an amazing group named Albernach.  Wow!  Those drums and bagpipes are quite amazing live!!  I ate Scottish food like Haggis (in the future I’ll stick with the meat pies.)  And the closing ceremony had me crying with chills.  It had to be over 100 bagpipes playing Amazing Grace.  (As I type I am getting chills.)  Overall it was a hot, tiring but great day!

Image from http://www.turnbullclan.com/
Image from http://www.turnbullclan.com/

It was fun having her visit but boy did I get tired.  On top of that I did none of the chores I usually need to get done for my family to actually live like laundry and dinners.  Needless to say, I was swamped Tuesday morning after she left.

Let that be a lesson laddies, have your work done and ready before visitors arrive.  Be prepared.

Great Reads This Week

I still always manage to get some great reading in every week.  If you are like me, reading can get to be addictive.  I will read the side of a cereal box if I can’t find anything else.

Here is what I found helpful and interesting this week:

SITS Girls Free Blog Business Printables I love the SITS girls site.  Every time I visit I find great articles and a thriving forum full of women that support each other.  This week they published these free check lists.  I especially like the blog maintenance checklist because maintaining your blog and it’s security is so vital to your business.

4 Ways to Build Your List Today by Think Traffic. You know, building your email list is not easy.  Mine has been a slow and tedious journey in itself.  BUT, and this is a big BUT, lists are very responsive.  Mine is small but way more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined at getting me traffic to my blog and sales.  If you still have not started your list I highly suggest you do.  Here is a good primer post.

Is Your Business Too Professional? by Firepole Marketing. Be professional but be personable also.  People buy you or they buy the product you are selling because they can relate to it personally.   AND be different.  You do not need to follow the norm.

Someone stole my work This is not necessarily a post on a blog but an entry to my FB Page.  I posted that someone was stealing my posts and other WAHM posts.  Check out the update on Facebook to see if you had your stuff stolen also and to chime in if you have this has happen to you and you have some tips to help.  I recognized some of the articles but I couldn’t pinpoint where they were from.  Here is the site, you will need to copy and paste because I am not giving a link back to her: www.myworkathomejob.com

Where to Find Me:

As always to can find me on my WAHM Facebook Page, AllieRambles on Twitter and Google Plus.
Have a great weekend!

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3 Responses to WAHM Roundup Post 9-6-2013

  1. Another great post, though I must say that photo you included is a tad frightening, LOL! I’ve never had haggis, but that picture doesn’t encourage me to change that anytime soon. I saw your Facebook post about someone stealing your work; UNbelievable what some folks will stoop to. Excellent links, as always.
    Molly Blazor created this awesome post: Affiliate Marketing: Is it hard?My Profile

  2. Bag pipes, huh?

    Now, there is something I should add to my bucket list – learn to play bagpipes.

    I am glad that you had a good time with your mother, Allie :)

    I think it is helpful that you went offline – small breaks like these, even if we don’t intend to take them, can help us (of course, in the end you were tired and all, but you had a new experience to blog about :D)

    Thanks for sharing the articles too :D

  3. Molly,


    The Haggis I had was quite toned down for the Americans eating here, it looked like a sausage link but I thought it would be amusing to put here what it really looks like.

    Yep, and I am having trouble getting her to take it down. I’ll be heading to Google to complain.

    Allie created this awesome post: WAHM Roundup Post 9-6-2013My Profile

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