The WAHM Summer: Being a Mom and Mompreneur

Summer is a tough time to be a Work from Home Mom.

Can I get a “heck ya!” from all my moms that find it tough to work when the kids get out of school on June 4th and by June 8th they are restless for some fun?  Not to mention are full of energy, that energy they once expelled at school.

The sun is shining outside, calling you to come soak it up with a bike ride or a trip the park?

Or my worst nightmare, the local ice cream shop is, well, a bike ride away.  I cannot resist ice cream with the kids.

WOW!  Summer is a great season with fresh fruit, sun and refreshing swims in the lake.  But you are working, right?


Let me guess, you thought since you can make up your own schedule you figured a trip to get lunch and head to the park wouldn’t hurt much, you can just make up the work at night when the kids are tired and go to sleep.  But you forgot, it is summer, they stay up late.

Working from home, with your own schedule is hard enough but then Mother Nature and the school systems decide to throw a wrench in your time management system so all of it falls apart for 10 weeks.

For ten whole weeks you are thrown off your schedule and less and less gets done.  Sure, you are having fun with your children and you have developed that golden tan we all long for in January.  But your work is piling.

Don’t fret.  Stop.  The work will be there but your children grow up and move out.  They are only with you as children for such a short time.  Feel the grass under your feet and the wind in your face with them.  Go for it!!  You stayed home to work for them anyway.  (And the freedom from a boss.)

Yet, let’s just say you do need to get some work done.

Here are some tips (and sacrifices) you can try out:

1. Plan your days

Plan your days out.  Not necessarily to the minute or even hour but tell yourself you will take the kids to the park around 10 am.  This gives you some structure to your day.  And the opportunity to work in the morning.  Older children will understand if you tell them that you need 3 hours to work and then we all can go have fun.  They will amuse themselves until 10am when they get their reward.

2. Wake up early

You read that correctly.  Wake up an hour earlier than you normally do and get the most pressing work done.  Hopefully this will give you a little more time to accomplish a few things before the kids get up.

This also works well with stay up late tactic.

And remember, this is only for a few weeks.

3. Plan ahead

Do you write?  Or have a home career in which you can work your butt off in April and May to not have to work as much in June and July?  It’s an option to consider next year.

4. Babysitting Fun

Get a fun babysitter or auntie or cousin or grandma or sister or brother to help you out for the summer.  Let them know it is just temporary for the summer months.  And they get to be a kid again!

Teens are off school.  That means you can grab a reliable one to help watch the kids for a few hours while you work.  It’s a win, win for everyone. You work, the kids have fun and the teen makes some money for the movies.

I get it, summer is tough.  I got about almost nothing done this summer.  Just check out the fun I had with my kids.

WAHM Summer

I would regret more that I couldn’t kayak with my 14 year old-don’t talk to parents-sleep until noon son.  Or spend the days riding my bike with my daughter.  Than the fact that I got work done and summer with my kids passed me by.

I didn’t plan for my summer and, frankly, got a little lazy in my brain.  I had fun but my work suffered.  Yet in the same breathe I can say that maybe I needed the hiatus.  Maybe I will be a better mom and mompreneur now.

How have you gotten through the summer and still get work done at home?  Share your secrets for other WAHMs to learn and apply.

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5 Responses to The WAHM Summer: Being a Mom and Mompreneur

  1. Thank you so much for this great post. I’m a WAHM but my daughter is still 18 months old so I still have many years before dealing with summer break issues. (I’ll try to remember your tips when the time comes!) My current problem is that I can only work while she naps and at night after she goes to sleep. Meaning, there’s not much work going on.

    I find myself getting irritated about the fact that I can’t work during the day, but reading this…

    “Don’t fret. Stop. The work will be there but your children grow up and move out. They are only with you as children for such a short time. Feel the grass under your feet and the wind in your face with them. Go for it!! You stayed home to work for them anyway.”

    …made me take a step back and remember how I should cherish these moments. After all. children are only children once, right?

    • Miwa,

      I love that age! They are so cute and full of wonder! But then also can be a handful. I applaud you in getting work done when you do.

      It is very hard to think that you can be getting more done during the day but also remember she will not be at this stage forever. Soon she will give you more and more time to work during the day while she becomes more independent of you. Give it time.

      Also, would getting a teen babysitter be an option for a while? They are not expensive.

      Allie created this awesome post: WAHM Round Up Post 8-2-13My Profile

  2. Great tips! Even though I’m not a wahm, I agree when you say to plan your days. I only have a couple hours at night, but I’m noticing that I am able to get more things done now when I’m home. I may not get to spend as much time as I want on my blog, but kids grow so fast. That is time that you will never get back so that time should be cherished.
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    • Sheri,

      So true. The kids are only kids for such a short time.

      I am glad you are following your dream and working whenever you can to fulfill it. What a great example to your children!

      Allie created this awesome post: WAHM Round Up Post 8-2-13My Profile

  3. I know when people who apart from their vacation stagger there activities throughout the summer break so that the kids constantly have something to look forward to and enjoy. So that their is a constant count down to a day out. Lee

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