Are you a young man? Are you a young man with an embarrassing wiener dysfunction?  Can’t get it up? Or perhaps you’d rather be stuck into a good movie, as opposed to a good woman? Young man you need help! And here it is …


There are many penis pills and supplements available for young men with sexual dysfunctional issues; whether that be an erection problem or just a lack lustre sexual ‘ambition’. The good news being, somewhere, someone, has the pill to resolve your problem. The bad news is:

  • Not all dick pills contain bone fade cure ingredients
  • Many suppliers are unscrupulous to the point of being dishonest
  • Some erection pills work for some, but not for others

The most important thing is to address your problem, don’t suffer in silence. In these enlightened days sex is no longer a taboo issue; sex is a part of who we are, it is a driving emotional necessity that binds humanity and ensures its survival … That’s enough of that.

Therefore, the first steps are to:

  1. Identify your problem
  2. Identify a bone fade supplier
  3. Find the best penis pill(s) that works for you

What is your problem?

Well, these are the usual suspects;

  • No sex drive
  • Limited or lost sexual desire
  • Disappointingly limp erections or, the dreaded,
  • Premature ejaculation
  • *Low sperm volume (this is often a ‘problem’ many don’t realise they have!)

Don’t forget, you’re probably not the only one suffering, your frustration will undoubtedly also affect your partner; so whatever action you take it’s not only for your benefit!


Indeed, talk with your partner and discuss the problem; a problem shared is a problem halved. Don’t clam up leaving the love of your life feeling rejected, unwanted and possibly somehow experiencing guilt for your, and her, unfulfilled sex life.

Remember, you are not alone, and help is at hand! You just have to make the first step towards a solution and that first step should be to find a trustworthy supplier.

*Note – Low sperm volume will mean shorter, less fulfilling orgasms; there are pills to increase your production levels and therefore extend that body shuddering orgasmic explosion.

Finding a trustworthy supplier

The biggest mistake you can make is to blunder into the first on line business that offers miraculous cures. Look by all means, but be very cautious, get behind the bull shit and read the small print.

  • Has the supplier a long healthy history of trading?
  • Are there customer reviews available? If so read them
  • Have the products been endorsed by some professional body or experts
  • Does the company have a Help or Advice Line?
  • What are their delivery terms and general conditions?
  • Does the supplier list all ingredients!

For sure, not all suppliers will fulfil every one of the above criteria, but by being inquisitive you can draw some fairly safe conclusions.

If you’re satisfied with the supplier, then it’s time to explore the product options.

Which pills should I choose?

That really is the sixty four thousand dollar question! Can anyone categorically recommend a pill or supplement that they’ll guarantee will work for you?  No, of course not, not even doctors! (Although politicians seem to get away with making empty promises on a regular basis.)

So, let’s get realistic; you may strike gold and find a quick fix. The secret is to read the reviews and study the claims and evidence.


Most natural ingredients are accepted as being healthy, although there is always a possibility that you may be allergic to, what for most of the population is, an innocuous ingredient such as milk, nuts etc. Check the ingredients thoroughly, ensure there’s nothing there to cause you an allergic reaction.

If in doubt, consult your GP before taking any supplements or hard on pills!

But, let’s be honest, most herbal-type supplements are unlikely to cause an adverse effect, in fact quite the opposite, there are many proven positives for taking them.

For starters, unlike a great deal of pharmaceutical remedies, there’s little chance of side effects and a more likely chance of overall health benefits as supplements often include essential vitamins, minerals etc.

NOTE - Many good suppliers offer a medical check-list or questionnaire concerning your perceived condition; you simply fill in the details and they will recommend an appropriate treatment. All done on line in just a few minutes!

In conclusion; you will find a pill or supplement that’ll fix your ‘penis problem’. However you may have to be patient, remedies often take time to kick-in; that’s why so many experts recommend a course of treatment over a period of days, weeks or even months.

Experiment and persevere are the key words here, don’t give up and don’t be afraid to seek advice or help from creditable professionals or, and perhaps most importantly, your sexual partner.

Visit and enjoy life whilst you’re young; make the best of it.

infertilityInfertility and low sperm count has become a major health issue among men who live in every corner of the world. Some couples think that not getting pregnant is a fertility issue of the female. However, that is not always the case. Even infertility among men can lead couples towards pregnancy issues. Therefore, it is important for the men to think about necessary steps that they need to take in order to improve the sperm quality, fertility and ejaculation volume.

Getting tested for low sperm quality

First of all, you need to check whether pregnancy issues are caused by low sperm quality. You can easily do this at home by purchasing an at-home sperm count test. Or else, you can go to a doctor’s office and get a complete semen analysis done.


If you are healthy, you should have a sperm count of more than 20 million in your semen. If the sperm level is lesser than that, you have a higher chance of being infertile. In such situations, you need to think about the necessary measures that need to be taken in order to improve the sperm quality.

Causes of low sperm quality

Several causes can lead a person towards low sperm quality, infertility and ejaculation volume. The most prominent causes among them include:

  1. Electromagnetic frequencies - Electromagnetic frequencies, which are also known as EMFs have the potential to create a tremendous impact on the sperm quality of an individual. That’s because EMFs can increase the temperature of testicles. Therefore, men should not think about keeping their laptops on the lap and placing their mobile phones on the pocket.
  2. Cigarette smoking – Cigarette smoking can damage the quality and volume of sperm in your semen. However, the damage can be reversed, but people need to quit smoking.
  3. Radio frequency electromagnetic waves – According to a research that was conducted in 2011, it was identified that signals emitted from the devices that are connected to Wi-Fi can reduce the motility of sperms. It can also increase the DNA fragmentation of sperms. Therefore, men should refrain from keeping Wi-Fi enabled laptops on their laps.
  4. Alcohol – Excessive consumption of alcohol can also lead a person towards reduced sperm volume in semen.
  5. Soy foods – People in today’s world tend to consume highly processed soy foods such as soy burgers, TVP and soy milk on a regular basis. Unfortunately, these food items contain concentrated isoflavones. It has the ability to restrict access to the estrogen receptor sites, which are needed for testosterone.
  6. Hormones and pesticides in food – Hormones added to meat and dairy products along with the pesticides found on food can create a tremendous impact on the hormone balance of an individual. As a result, a person will have to suffer from low sperm quality, infertility and ejaculation volume in the long run.

As you can see, your food habits have the potential to create a tremendous impact on the sperm quality. Therefore, you need to have a clear understanding about the food items that you should consume and the food items that you should not consume.

  1. Consume more fresh fruits and vegetables

Increasing fresh fruits and vegetables in meals can be considered as the best method available for men to increase fertility. The antioxidants present in these food items can bring amazing results for them in the long run.

  1. Reduce the dairy consumption

Consuming more dairy products, including cheese has the ability to reduce the quality of your sperms. Therefore, it is a good idea to stay away from dairy products.

  1. Skip meat

You don’t need to consume meat in order to get your protein intake. You can simply replace meat with plant based protein, which can increase the fertility rate along with sperm quality.

  1. Cut down cholesterol

Higher cholesterol levels can also lead men towards infertility issues and they need to take necessary measures in order to cut down cholesterol levels.

  1. healthy-diet-for-menReduce the intake of saturated fats

Saturated fat, which is primarily found in dairy products and meat, can also contribute towards reduced ejaculation volume and sperm count.

These are some of the effective tips that you can keep in mind in order to improve your sperm quality, ejaculation volume and get rid of infertility.

The effectiveness of these tips is proven and any person can think of following them without any doubt on mind. However, these tips cannot deliver overnight results to you.

What is the definition of ‘seduce’?

Gone are the days of cavemen when courtship relied more upon subdue than seduce. ‘Seduce’ has a few, sometimes disturbing definitions we, however, shall take the morally most acceptable definition; ‘seduce’ means to entice someone that you genuinely like into sexual activity.

Seduction will only be acceptable if, for the purposes of this article, the woman is a willing participant in the physical union; no force, threats or outright dam lies!

OK, that’s set the boundaries; now let’s find out how to woo and seduce a woman.


Steady Freddie!

Do not start by hurling, ill-thought through, crude words of innuendo at the poor girl; stay away from sexist comments that involve direct reference to her, albeit luscious, body parts.


Start to build a relationship, get to know one another; take your time. By all means pass a complimentary eye-flicker over her body, she’ll pick up on this without feeling embarrassed or threatened. Resist the initial urge to plunge your eyes deep into her cleavage!


Pay attention, smile, keep eye contact, ask questions and make sure that bloody phone is turned off!

Make sure of your ground; whatever you do don’t tell an inappropriate story, especially that one about the nun and the vegetable patch. Just be careful what comes out of your mouth.

Find out her likes, dislikes and concentrate the conversation on topics of common interests; she might not care less that Man U have signed a new goalkeeper. I’m sure however that you will listen intently to the in-depth description of her pressed wild flower collection.

Keep eye contact, looking away will imply a lack of interest, especially if you’re looking at your watch. Smile, return conversation with perhaps a relevant funny anecdote; no not the nun joke!

Don’t forget, she’s probably testing you using similar tactics.


Look interested and be complimentary, but don’t overdo it!

Complimentary and subtle, ‘I really like that dress, Harrods?’ OK, a bit corny but somewhat more acceptable than … ‘nice tits love!’ Although if you can make that work, good luck.


The biggest compliment you can give a girl is to pay attention and ask questions relevant to her; ask about her family, career, leisure time activities hobbies etc.

People, not just women, love to tell their story. Now, if she starts asking about your background … you’re definitely making serious progress.

In response try not to brag, or go on and on; keep it brief and try to switch the object of conversations back on to her. You really like this girl, so be seen to absorb yourself in everything said, every last detail … remember your aim is to seduce this gorgeous creature.

Maybe time to pick up the pace.


Your place or mine?

What next? An invite to the cinema, a meal perhaps? OK, these provide great bonding opportunities and are worthwhile pre-seduction exercises; however you now really need a more intimate atmosphere, the obvious next bold step is to ask her back to your place, if you have one that’s not a rubbish tip that is.

If you take this route then make sure that the invite is for a specific purpose other than sex; maybe to see you goldfish or your rare collection of antique saucepans. By doing this you’re not generating extra anxiety. Although she has probably read the situation and is eagerly awaiting your next move.

So here it comes.


The subtle art of ‘closing the distance’

Right, you’ve done the ground work, at last you’re alone together. You’ve got her attention, you make her laugh and she’s at ease. The lady obviously likes you but … is she attracted to you physically?

Now is a time for self-control, stifle the urge to start ripping off clothes; any aggressive posturing or advances, including a peck on the cheek, could put your date in full retreat!

Talk something of your feelings for her, explain that you really do like her and love being with her. Don’t gush talk of love or lust, if you do, she’ll be gone faster than a rat up an aqueduct!


Be subtle, plan to draw her closer, close down that space between you. Just move ever so slightly closer to her when you speak; lower your voice, that’ll entice her even closer to listen. Perhaps invite her to look at a photo, or some other object of interest, that you can hold in your hand. Be clever and you could end up almost cheek to cheek.

You’re trying to manoeuvre towards that first gentle touch, a brush against her cheek, a brief meeting of hands; it may all feel accidental but this is the moment you’ve been planning for.

Suddenly! You touch and the tension is released in a passionate embrace; you may not have sex immediately but it’s now virtually a done deal.

Mission accomplished, your seduction tactics have worked … or were they really her tactics?

Anyway, now you can tell that awful story about the nun and the vegetable patch.

A significant number of men across the globe are too curious about the possibilities of increasing penis size. As a response to the huge demand, various penis enlargement strategies are being introduced to the market under different brand names. Among all of such strategies, penis enlargement pills have become so popular among men just because of the ease of use.

However, despite the convenience of use, the effectiveness of penis enlargement pills is highly controversial. This article is written discussing if pills can make your penis bigger as manufacturers claim.


  • Why do men expect to enhance their penis size?

To be frank, every man prefers to have a bigger penis. Having a bigger penis maximizes the psychological confidence; many men strongly believe that it is compulsory to have bigger penis to provide maximum pleasure to their sex partners. Bigger penis always is an excitement for the partner and it helps to enjoy a stronger sexual experience for both the partners. Those who have small penises suffer from lack of confidence which will eventually effect on the relationship.


  • Male enhancement pills

In general, male enhancement pills are known to be the mostly advertised solution to increase the size of the penis. However, despite the massive advertising campaigns, the functionality of these so called male enhancement pills is highly controversial. Manufacturers boast various types of benefits and most of which are pretty hard to believe.

Increasing the size of the penis just by consuming an oral supplement is pretty unrealistic; such results simply don’t make any sense. First, you should question yourself; is there a particular tablet or a supplement to maximize the length of any other body part (such as legs, hands, tongue, nose etc)? The obvious answer is no and hence you should think twice before you rely on the pills.

  • The truth about pills

Although pills don’t directly associate in maximizing the size of the penis, the pills that are made with natural herbal formulations are capable of increasing the blood flow towards the penile region. Some of the famous pills are made just for such purposes and provide a better erection.

In other words, pills can be used to have a better and lasting erection though it doesn’t have anything to do with the penile growth.

However, when you select a pill, you must be wise enough to select a product that is made using herbs. That is a good way to stay away from the unpleasant side effects. Such pills are capable of helping the penis to achieve harder erection that lasts long without any side effect.

In fact, such pills are best used to treat issues pertaining to erectile dysfunction. Moreover, these medicines are capable of helping you to retain the erection for a longer duration.


  • What is bad about the pills?

Most of the artificial pills are dangerously associated with unpleasant side effects. In general, manufactures recommend you to continue their pills for one year at the least. Such approach may deliver you unexpected health issues and most of them will relate to your natural erection. However, it doesn’t meant that all the pills come with adverse effects; pills based on natural substances like herbs are safer to use particularly because they are associated with significantly less side effects. Moreover, some pills can deliver you even worse results in the long run; they will make you finish too quickly.

  • What should you do if pills aren’t the best option?

Considering all the facts associated with enhancement pills, it is obvious that they alone aren’t the best option to maximize the penis growth. However, strategic exercises that are focused on the structure of the tissues of the penis can make a significant improvement.

The most effective exercise that directly impacts on penile growth is stretching. In fact, stretching is a clinically proven method that increases the blood flow towards the penile section and help penile tissues to grow increasing the length and girth.

Although stretching can be performed with bare hands, modern market has various types of highly effective penis stretchers under different brand names. These stretchers are capable of delivering exceptional results.

Selecting a penis stretcher can be a pretty challenging task considering the number of products in the market. Therefore, you must be wise enough to select a penis stretcher that has a clinically proven background. Read the reviews on their websites and refer to the materials used before you make the final decision.

Sex, of course, is an exciting experience and for any living creature.  In fact, sex is considered to be a need of any healthy human.

However, a considerable number of humans across the globe find it difficult to enjoy their sexual experiences due to many reasons.

For men, having a small sized penis is a huge concern when it comes to his sexual performance.

In fact, those who have smaller penises have lack of confidence on the bed and such psychological approach may directly affect on the partner’s expectation too.

However, with a little bit of creativity and smart usage of modern sex toys, anyone can now become a sex pro (even with a small-sized penis).


As per the modern trends, more and more toys are being introduced to the market. These toys are made to perform different functionalities and come in various brands, styles, features and sizes.

Curiosity is a great aspect that enhances sex and utilization of toys can spice up your curiosity while offering enormous pleasure to both the partners. Modern sex toys market is highly versatile and there are solutions virtually to match any requirement.

When can sex toys be useful for couples?

Sex toys can be used by any individual or couple that expects more excitement and joy from their sessions. However, they can be highly useful as solutions for those who have some issues pertaining to their sexual performance and physical formation of the penis.

  • Sex toys for men with small penis

In real world, not every man has huge penises as shown in adult movies. A vast majority of men have average size penises while a significant number of them having small sized penises. Those who have small sized penises worry about giving maximum pleasure to their partners; they lack of confidence too.


However, usage of sex toys can be a quick, effective and innovative solution to address such situation.

Gone are the days you couldn’t satisfy your partner just because you have a small penis;  with the right kind of sex toy(s) and a little bit of creativity, you can give an unforgettable, additive sexual experience for your partner.

Think about the brighter side; small penis can perform exceptionally well when it comes to anal sex. How about trying double penetration (with the help of a dildo) and giving her a memorable orgasm? It is all about your creativity and proper utilization of right kind of sex toy to match the occasion.

  • Sex toys for men who finish too quickly

Another common issue associated with a significant number of men out there in the society is that they don’t have enough endurance on the bed. In fact, such problem can be a worse situation than having a small penis.

Ejaculating within a couple of minutes may leave your partner frustrated and eventually it may dangerously impact on the relationship.

As an effective solution for this, you can consider using modern sex toys that can please your partner. Giving exactly what is expected by your woman will be easy with modern sex toys. Using these toys blended with good oral sex would be good enough to give orgasm for any woman.

Introducing sex toys to your partner

Usage of sex toys should be done with good awareness. You shouldn’t try intense toys at once as it can be not so welcoming for your partner. Start with a standard dildo and introductory vibrator until you and your partner get used with them.

Trying out butt plugs and harnesses at the initial stage will not be the smartest move. However, a toy like anal bead might be acceptable. You always should remember not to hurt your partner or get yourself hurt.

If you use pills for better endurance, you must consider using the ones that are manufactured using herbs and natural ingredients.


Before you buy sex toys, you must be confident that your partner likes them. Don’t force her to use them if she doesn’t love. However, the good news is that most of the women simply love adventurous experience associated with sex toys.

Be wise enough to read the instructions first and use them adhering to the manual. Keeping your toys clean and dry is another essential thing you should know. Use disinfectants as advised by the manufacturers for safe and infection-free sex practice.

A variety of male enhancement pills can be found out there in the market. However, it is extremely important to choose the right one out of them in order to increase penis size while boosting stamina and energy levels.

That’s where Male Extra can assist you with.

What is Male Extra?


Male Extra can simply be defined as a male enhancement supplement that is made out of a unique combination of natural ingredients. The main target of this supplement is penile cell health and proper flow of blood. In other words, Male Extra focuses on two major aspects including penis size and desire.

The ingredients of Male Extra have contributed a lot towards its effectiveness.

L-Arginine can be considered as the primary ingredient out of them. In fact, it is in a position to promote proper flow of blood to all the body organs along with penis.

As a result, people who consume Male Extra will be able to experience more rigid and long lasting erections. The other key ingredients of Male Extra include Zinc, Pomegranate, L-Methionine Cordyceps and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

How does Male Extra work?

doctorBefore you purchase a male enhancement supplement, it is important to have a clear understanding about its functionality.

This product has specifically been designed to prolong the time before ejaculation. This allows a greater degree of satisfaction and pleasure to both partners.

On the other hand, Male Extra can increase the length and girth of penis by providing a proper flow of blood. Therefore, guys who are insecure about the size of the penis can think of using Male Extra. Male Extra is also in a position to increase libido, which can lead you towards more fulfilling relationships.

Last but not least, this supplement can deliver stronger erections, which can deliver enhanced performance time in the long run.

Are there any side effects?

no-side-effectAs you can see, Male Extra is made out of all natural ingredients so it is not in a position to bring any harmful side effects for you.

However, people who are allergic to any of the above mentioned ingredients will have to experience mild side effects such as nausea, increased blood pressure and stomach cramping. If you come across any of these side effects, it is recommended to stop using the supplement.

Male Extra Pros

  • This male enhancement supplement works much faster than other supplements.
  • Since it is made out of all natural ingredients, it cannot deliver any negative side effects.
  • Male Extra can increase sexual desire and libido in an effective manner.
  • It comes along with a money back guarantee.
  • It can effectively increase the length and girth of penis.

Male Extra Cons

  • It is more expensive when compared to other male enhancement products.

Final Words

Male Extra is in a position to deliver positive results to any guy out there in the world. If you are concerned about your sexual satisfaction, you can think of spending your money on this product. Since it comes along with a money back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose.

When it comes to sex, insecurities can run high, particularly if you're still somewhat sexually inexperienced or have encountered criticism from previous sexual partners. You may be wondering if yours is the right size— or more relevantly, if it’s large enough to pleasure your partner.

penis-size-anxietyThe reality of the situation is that most "Love Sticks" are normal, and what constitutes ‘normal’ is very subjective.

The right size for your body will vary widely from that of a man either taller or shorter than you, for example.

However, reality is often difficult to keep at the forefront of our minds, particularly in stressful situations.

Even though we know our packages are (probably) perfectly fine, we don’t always know that when it matters most.

In turn, anxieties surrounding our bodies stop us from fully owning them— and this can interfere with sexual performance.

In the interest of helping you resolve these issues, we’ve devised a brief guide to common men's concerns. Below, we’ll consider whether penis size really matters to men and women; if you can have great sex with a small or curved penis; the benefits of overcoming your insecurities and tips for great sex.

Rest assured, however, that regardless of how you feel about your body—there is someone out there who will experience great pleasure from using it.

Penis Size: Does It Matter?

One of the greatest concerns surrounding men's phallus is size.


It’s very common for men to wonder if they’re too small, and somewhat less common for men to wonder if they’re too big— although this is a real possibility for some, particularly if their partner is more petite.

Many polls, surveys and case studies have looked into public opinion size: and where women are concerned, the consensus is relatively clear.

Very few women care about width or girth.

Data released by a team of researchers from UCLA and CSULA revealed that 84% of women are satisfied with their partner’s package terms of size. In real life, this means that if you have sex with 8 women, 7 of them will approve or not care about your size.


In a separate poll, a higher percentage of women reported that they cared, but only when their partner was too big— and was liable to cause pain.

The reasons for women not caring tend to vary, but in general, it seems that women are more concerned with what men use their penis for.

In simpler terms: a great workman doesn’t blame his tools.

Unsurprisingly, the study referenced above revealed that men are much more concerned about length than women are.

55% of men are unsatisfied with their size, and if nothing else, this could help in reassuring you that you’re not alone. While the study did not research men’s opinions of other men, the trend seems to suggest that the people most concerned about size are the owners of the penis in question.

This is probably because we are our own harshest critics, and often compare ourselves to highly enhanced images seen through porn and other mediums.

Yes, You Can Have Great Sex With a Small Or Curved Penis

It’s important to remember that ‘sex’ does not refer exclusively to penetrative sex, and that oral sex and foreplay are very relevant too.


For those wondering if having being ‘too small’ or ‘too curved’ means that you’re doomed to fail sexually: this isn’t the case.

Oftentimes, having a small package encourages you to experiment more, particularly in the interest of finding positions that feel more pleasurable for you.

It also encourages you to find other ways to pleasure your partner, through oral sex for example, and this can truly help you learn and explore your partner’s body to a higher degree.

Where curved penises are concerned, however, this can sometimes also prove a blessing. In certain positions, for example ‘Reverse Cowgirl’, a curve will help you hit a woman’s elusive ‘G-spot’ or other pleasurable areas. You’ll notice that many dildos are designed with a slight curve, so if you have a curve to your penis, you should in no way view this as a disadvantage.

The Pleasure Of Acceptance

It goes without saying that insecurities can stand in the way of sexual performance, so accepting your body and genitalia regardless of size or angle will definitely level up your sexual experience. This is because by accepting, or better yet by embracing your body, you can boost your confidence—and a confident sexual partner is the ideal.

A more confident person is naturally a better sexual partner, because they’re not afraid to take the lead and be more adventurous. Being tentative, and unsure of both yourself and sex in general, can truly prove to be a turn off for your partner— so accepting your body can heighten your sexual experience.

You will find yourself exploring more, and pleasuring your partners more, which will benefit everyone.

Sex Positions For Men With Small "Little Bob"

While size is definitely subjective, it is possible for you to feel small in comparison to a woman’s vagina.

For this reason, you may be tempted to explore different positions in the interest of pleasuring your partner more, and this is definitely recommended.


One position for you to try, if you haven’t already, is ‘Doggy Style’.

This is an excellent way to penetrate your partner more deeply, and to give the illusion of you having a wide girth.

Similarly, you may consider trying ‘The Hound’, which is a variation of doggy style, that involves both you and your partner positioned on all fours— as you rest your forearms on the surface beneath you. This increases intimacy and creates a feeling of deep penetration.

As discussed above, the ‘Reverse Cowgirl’ is always an excellent choice. This involves your partner sitting on top, backwards, and riding you from this position.

Men with small packages tend to find this position most effective in pleasuring their partner, and themselves. Other great options for you to research and explore are ‘The Deckchair’ and ‘Magic Mountain’.

Body Anxiety: It’s Real, But It Doesn’t Have To Be

The anxiety and insecurities you may feel about your penis size or shape are very real and totally normal. However, if the above article should be indicative of anything, it’s that this anxiety is deeply rooted in your perception of yourself— and that few people care as much as you do.


Your first step to overcoming these anxieties is accepting them: penis anxiety is real, and that’s okay. The second step to overcoming them is to work through them, by realizing that even if your penis is comparatively smaller or angular, it doesn’t really matter— because great sex involves much more than just size.

Men are great when it comes to chasing women and gaining acceptance as their partners. However, after a while in the relationship, we tend to lose our interest and start taking everything for granted.

It may not be intentional, but the lady will notice that you are not the Mr. Romantic she met a while back. You start behaving more like her brother than her lover.

Before you know it, everything will be thrown to the dogs.

Fights will ensue and you will resent one another.

To avoid all that, there are a few things you need to put into consideration. You also need the same advice when, after chasing her for a while, she has agreed to go out on a date with you.

Whatever place or fun you two decide to have, keep the following tips in mind to spice things up.

Always communicate;

Whether it is verbal communication or through gestures, always let your woman know you are paying attention and you are on the same page as she is.

Nod, smile, reply and throw in a few words when she is talking to know you understand what her words are all about. Even when you disagree with her, let her politely know your opinion on the issue the two of you are discussing.



Appreciate her;

You love her and you know she loves you too.

Rather than assuming she knows this stuff, let her know. Even the toughest of men need to be told they have done something good or you mean something to someone else.

What of ladies?

Your words of appreciation will go a long way in showing how much she means to you. Say ‘thank you,’ ‘I love you’ and other little words which show your appreciation.



Never take her for granted;

Even when you keep telling her you to love her or she means the world to you, if you take her for granted even for a little while, you may be doing great damage to the bond between the two of you.

When she talks to you, look at her or show how you intend to respond to her requests or instructions.



Give her surprises often;

We all love surprises especially the pleasant ones. If you have been in a relationship for a while, you recall how often you would pull little stunts to show the world you love your lady but you now stopped.

Go back there and do a little something she was not expecting. If it is your first date together, do not go there all plain and predictable.

Do something your new catch does not expect of you on that first night out together.



Remember the beginnings;

when you started out in the relationship, or when you first had a crush on her, you were ready to impress her in any way you wanted. You could have forgotten that part, yet it meant the world to her.

Start doing the little things that will liven her up no matter what you will be doing for your better half.

Include her in the decision-making process;

Unless you plan to surprise her with a little something, always ensure that your woman knows what you are up to.

Let her make her contribution in all the major decisions of the homes. Even the little decision should include her input since, at times, you may not be as knowledgeable as she is on certain subjects.

Also, allowing her to make her input will make her feel appreciated.

  • Always respect her; it happens to all of us. You are on a date with your girl then another one appears looking like a million dollars. The natural instinct is to ogle. Well, if you must, let her know you are looking at the other girl and for what reason (of course you will not say it’s because she’s the most beautiful lady on the planet). If she catches you ogling, you are as good as dead.


  • Keep the romance flowing; remember what the two of you used to do to create the love bubbles around you? Start it all over again. It never gets old. Better yet, you will have a girl who adores you for who you are and how you are able to create the love magic in the air. Not only will she love you more, but she will also be faithful to you.

Remain honest;

From a young age, we have been told, to be honest at all times. For this reason, be honest in the relationship even when you did something you think is unforgivable.

It is better for her to learn of your mistake from you than learn it from someone else. In fact, she will be in a better position to forgive you than when you keep things from her.

By the way, women are better with secrets than us men. So, unless you want a completion which you will lose, be honest.



Be the best boyfriend she can find;

Work out, learn new hobbies, be great in bed, be the ultimate man she can think of. Just like men, women also compare their men with other men.

Let her always rank you at the top when it comes to being the best man in her life. Do not, however, overdo it to appear cocky as it is a turnoff.